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Hi  y’all, glad you found me! I have decided to open a Blog here for a number of reasons.With the growth of the internet, and the success of my blog, I wanted to make it more accessible to more people, so I changed to Blogspot. MySpace is very limited and with Blogspot, it opens the blog up to the entire Internet for an even broader range of discussion. Even though you have to have a proper registered user account  in order to comment on the blogs, you do not have to join a social networking site that you may not want to.

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So….I hope you continue to enjoy this ongoing conversation, and I’ll see you around the Blogspot neighborhood!!

Only connect, my friends! 
Charles Shaughnessy


Supreme Court rolls back Democracy

I don’t think I can put it any better than this open letter my brother wrote to our activist, Conservative Supreme Court……..

Chief Justice Roberts

In light of the recent ruling with regards to Campaign Financing,  and as an extremely concerned American Citizen, I would respectfully like to have the following presented to the Court for consideration.

It is clear that this activist ruling has abandoned all hope of a fair impartial Court and has rather split it into a Partisan battlefield.  This is a disservice to the people of the United States of America and the democratic process we all hold so dear.

I would ask the following of the majority:

Does a Corporation receive an election ballot?  Is a Corporation on the voter registration? Can a Corporation be called for Jury Duty?

How then, can we consider a Corporation to be an INDIVIDUAL with freedom of Speech relating to electioneering and political INFLUENCE?   Indeed, a Corporation is guilty of massive SUPRESSION of speech!  It is made up of hundreds of individual employees.  Are we going to take a poll of all those employees and place financial influence where the MAJORITY chooses it to go? After all, would that not be the “DEMOCRATIC” way?!  Hardly!

The influence will go where only the MINORITY Board of Directors and owners (who often are not even American Citizens and have no CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be influencing our political system,) choose it to go…most likely in direct opposition to the will of the MAJORITY!  This is HARDLY DEMOCRACY!

Let us not forget that DEMOCRACY comes from the Greek, “Demos” the PEOPLE. Last time I checked, we’re not living in a CORPOCRACY!  I urge the Court to reverse its dangerous decision which has put us on the slippery slope to a systematic demolition of our democratic process!

David Shaughnessy

Only connect, my friends! 

Charles Shaughnessy

Corruption is protected by The Constitution

If a Governor accepts money to look favorably on a supplicant’s plea for sympathetic legislation, it is called corruption and a jail sentence is imposed. If a U.S. Senator accepts money to look favorably on a supplicant’s plea for sympathetic legislation it is called a constitutionally protected right of free speech and the champagne is popped. First Massachusetts, and now this. These Republicans will not rest until we declare this the United States of Shame.

Only connect, my friends! 
Charles Shaughnessy