Another year over….

To all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday…Thank you! I really felt a bit like Jimmy Stewart at the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life!”All I was missing were ZuZu’s petals! It was a very warm and fuzzy feeling having so many nice thoughts sent to me by so many nice people.
This is going to be an exciting week as I make my Celebrity Jeopardy appearance on Thurs. 18th. Feb. I play against David Duchovny and Chris Matthews and I can promise you a tense and exciting game that goes all the way down to the wire! I’m afraid it is only available in the US, but, who knows, these things have a habit of popping up on the web sooner or later.

We are also getting close to launching our new online video business: StyleMouse

We hope to launch it onto the unsuspecting public on Friday March 5th. You will be able to watch and “click on” our first interactive videos. We start off with a series on the vibrant and exciting shopping mecca , Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. For the first time you can watch a video and, if you like something you see, you can “click” your mouse on it and either get info or purchase it right there and then!!! Pretty cool stuff!

The Canadian part of my Shaughnessy blood is very proud this week. They are putting on an excellent Games despite an extremely uncooperative Mother Nature. It has become must-see late night TV in my house.


Finally, I want to let you know about a contest, (well, not really a contest,) we want to run. People have asked me about the significance of the photo in the title of this blog. It is a photo I took some years ago and just seemed appropriate for the title: Only Connect. What we want is for you to send your photos that say the same thing to you. Only Connect. It is open to all kinds of interpretation and creativity, so go for it!

Send your photos to:

Be sure to include the City and Country you are from or the City and State if you are in the US. If you have a Facebook page and/or Twitter page, please send a link to those as well when you send in your photos so we can ‘tag’ you and link to you if we post your photos. (unless you want to remain anonymous, then please tell us!!) Please only submit photos that you personally take . . do not submit anyone else’s photos.

From time to time I will put my favorites up on the blog. Sound good?
OK, that’s all for now. We’ll talk again soon.

Only connect, my friends!
Charles Shaughnessy


18 thoughts on “Another year over….

  1. Amazing job on Jeopardy, Charlie!! I actually did see the results on FB but was ok with it. It's just like Christmas time when I can't wait and have to snoop for my presents..haha! Good luck on the semi-finals, so excited to see it. Hope you win lots more money for your charity, sounds like they could do very good work with it!!

  2. Fantastic job on Jeopardy, Charlie! You're excused for the "Chef Boyardee" miss. I'd like think you relate to authentic, real Italian food, not the imitation stuff in can! You're forgiven for that by me (a true Sicilian who cooks the authentic Italian food…no such thing as canned sauce or pasta in my house!):) Ciao!

  3. LOL Karen!! Poor's going to be like Fran D and his "yellow wellies". As long as we(fans) are alive, he's never going to forget Chef Boyardee again. Forget "oenophile"…we're talking canned ravioli here! The stuff of American childhood.

  4. Great job! It's been a while since I've watched Jeopardy, but it certainly was worth it last night. You made it a bit close, though–must have had some trouble with the buzzer.By the way, you should drop in on my immigration history class when I talk about Chef Boyardee; it might have helped out last night (or at least made it a bit less stressful).

  5. Wonderful job!! Sadly, I'd seen the results on Facebook(despite repeated requests by your team to NOT do that), but it was nice to relax and watch without Maalox nearby. I really expected Matthews to be more of an opponent..he looked a little shell-shocked there for a while. Good luck in the semi-finals, and this time people…keep it to yourselves, OK?

  6. Fantastic win on Celebrity Jeopardy Charlie. You are handsome, so nice AND really, really smart!! Excellent that you won so much money for your charity and loved what you said about love of family and being secure. Hope you win a lot for them again when you are in the semi-finals! You are an extraordinary man. Your fans adore you, you know that, right? love, em xoxo

  7. Awesome job on Jeopardy!!! I was getting pretty nervous at the end but I knew you were going to win. Now (finally!!!) I can shout it from the rooftops even though it's late here, lol but anyway Very very happy you won! Oh by the way love your choice of charity. Can't wait til the finals, semi finals…whatever. Looking forward to it!!

  8. So.. it has been many years since I've watched Jeopardy and now I remember why! I think I'm a relatively intelligent person and have been successful in my career but then I try to play that game and well… not so much! LOL It was fun to play along but now I need to rest my brain! Great job Charles!

  9. (copied and pasted from MySpace)Glad you had a great birthday…what fun to share it with your little princess ballerina, then a weekend visiting your other princess. I love that photo…when you're adrift in rocky seas, look for the lighthouse to guide you to safety and set you back on course, and give you shelter. I'm sure the girls feel that way about home with mom and dad. That's why I love the choice of charity for Jeopardy…so many kids don't have a loving home where they feel safe and protected. I *was* one of those kids, so it means so much to me that there are safe places and awareness today. God bless you for choosing that charity and win or lose, the charity still benefits. Best wishes in your new venture(I recognize those 2 from Saints and Sinners!), and looking forward to Jeopardy tomorrow night. Enjoying the Olympics here also, though for's all about the figure skating. Can you believe Dick Button is STILL a commentator??!!

  10. Glad to hear you had a great birthday! I really adore the photo that you have as a header on this blog. It is just so serene and beautiful. I do too follow the Olympics, though for once the Norwegians have been in bad luck. I guess for a small nation we've been spoiled in the last Olympics, so now we expect loads of medals. Ah well, you can't always win, and if you ask me, it isn't just about winning.Much luck with this new business of yours. Hope it will go really well. I wish I could see Jeopardy, but as I am in Europe I guess that will fail. Best of luck to you though. 🙂

  11. This isn't exactly the same post that appeared on MySpace–I liked that blog title better (but then again, I'm old enough to know the lyrics–and we'll still need you when you're 64). The photo certainly looks calm and peaceful and conveys the message you want to send. Best of luck in the new business venture; I'm sure it's not easy starting a business in this economic climate. Hopefully the cable doesn't conk out on me again and I can catch you on Jeopardy tomorrow night.

  12. I did respond through myspace but I'm not sure if you get those. I think your site is an awesome concept. What audience are you looking to capture and if the initial response/participation is successful, will you be expanding your (age/gender) exposure? I wish you great success with this endeavor. Will you be allowing your internet buddies to post your new site when it goes "live" on their friend/fan pages so it gets out to a broader range of people? Thx!

  13. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. 🙂 I checked out StyleMouse and I liked it alot. I think it's awesome how you can just click on whatever you like and get it. I thought that was really cool. Good luck with it and I hope it's a big success.

  14. What a pleasure to hear from you, Charlie. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Looking forward to seeing you on Jeopardy this Thursday. Seems you've been busy lately. Thanks for opportunity to send photos that have "Only Connect" sentiment. Looking forward to more of your blogs. Thanks for being so charitable with your fans.Will send along photos soon. Warm regards, Jackie (from RI; we met in Revere last month) 🙂

  15. Nice to hear from you Mr. Shaughnessy. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Now we know what your mouse was all about (besides letting us know you were a Saints fan. GO SAINTS!!) It looks very exciting. Also, love the idea of the photography contest. Will make me carry my camera around more with me in case something strikes my fancy that looks connected. I love photographs as they are memories preserved. Fun idea. Thanks for including your fans in your life and your blogs and for all the great Olympics postings! You are a rock star! love, em xoxo

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