Make up your mind!

Whilst I feel sympathy and sorrow at the suffering of those states hit by the recent tornadoes, can someone ( preferably a T-Bagger,) explain to me why the State Governor of Mississippi is asking for Federal help? I thought the whole point was that we wanted States to take care of themselves and to keep the Government OUT of our business. Or is that ONLY when the Federal Government is “interfering” in ways that we don’t personally approve of?

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Charles Shaughnessy
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25 April, 2010 21:28
25 April, 2010 21:32

53 thoughts on “Make up your mind!

  1. @Lorraine: Thanks for providing @kelleah with directions on how to find out about the blog participants.@kelleah: I'm an historian–that's why my posts often (but not always) include history lessons. History does provide a context for a lot of what is happening today–after all, to paraphrase George Santayana, those who do not learn from the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them. And Charlie has indicated on a previous blog that we should look at historical precedents (see his comment at 30 March 2010 22:20 on the "Frank: tell it like it is!" blog). So until Charlie tells me to stop, that's the way most of my posts will appear to you–like a history lesson. Everyone who participates in these blogs in a sense brings their own background to the table–Lorraine as a veteran, Linda as a former social worker, Valerie as a nurse, etc., and your background greatly influences what you think and what you write when posting comments on these blogs. Most of the posters/commenters provide evidence to support their arguments, including links to articles; in my case, because of my academic training, my evidence is mostly history-oriented. Don't be afraid of the past, but embrace it–it has a lot to offer to help us understand the direction of this nation and the world (even if the lesson is what NOT to do when responding to a situation).

  2. @Kalleah: I realize that you posed this question to Karen but here's a hint for you. If you want to find out info on a fellow poster go to their name. If it highlights red when you run your mouse over it click it and you get their profile information. You'll get your answer to your question about Karen if you look at her profile page, just like I found out your kinda tall.

  3. @Karen Just out of curiosity, why do you feel the need to write paragraph upon paragraph of "history" lessons in your reply to other posters? Is this merely the typical way you communicate on a daily basis or do you feel that you need to provide your own personal context to bolster your rebuttal/response?

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