Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect! Blog, New Photos!

Here are two more wonderful photos in our ongoing series.

Whatever one may think about the politics of any war or struggle, one can only stand silently, in awe and gratitude, before the sacrifices of the men and women we send to fight them.
Thank you to SA Amy Adcock for this important reminder.

….and, to brighten the mood…. this delightful piece of whimsy from Lauren Bendik.

Remember my friends, Only Connect!

Charles Shaughnessy


14 thoughts on “Charles Shaughnessy Only Connect! Blog, New Photos!

  1. Great photos! The scene from Arlington National Cemetery is certainly appropriate for this time of year. And the duck walk is hysterical.P.S. I love the new look for the blog.

  2. Great photos! Amy, that photo is so poignant…brings tears to my eyes!!Lauren..too cute!! I see a stroller there, so the birds aren't stupid. Strollers mean Cheerios being thrown all over the sidewalk!!

  3. These are wonderful! I love the power of photography. To be able to capture moments in time, whether it be sombre or happy and share them with others is magical.Thanks for continuing these!

  4. Love the arlington photo. I have been there on a tour. It is just so massive that it overtakes you. Also the changing of the guard by the tomb of the unknown soldier was awesome. I highly recommend visiting if you can. Course i come from a very military family. Maybe not for everyone. Couldn't think of a better photo for this holiday.

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