Poll about Charlie’s new Only Connect! blog here on WordPress!

Please take this poll and let us know what you think!


41 thoughts on “Poll about Charlie’s new Only Connect! blog here on WordPress!

    • We are hoping it will replace it dixiesfire, as MySpace has limited response area now, only 1,000 characters, and they are changing there quite frequently, it is not very user friendly anymore, for blogging. However, we are still ‘experimenting’ here as well. We are just looking for the best place to accommodate the most people & that is the most user friendly.
      Team Charlie (TC)

  1. Hello, I am very glad for this your new adventure,I wish you to have the same succes,you have with your other blogs.But I don’t think you need this wish from me.
    Anyway I wanted to tell you that for me personally does not change anything because as I’m following you on the others I will follow you on this too!Because you aren’t one of many, you are one who has something to say, and to me personally but also to all those
    who follow you like me, are interested in and like what you say,so here I am! Bye Rosy

  2. I need a new picture for my avatar but I just want to make sure I did everything right to be able to read and comment on Charlie’s blog.

  3. Representing southern east coast! Right Lele & Lynn? Like to give a shoutout to all my homies back home in lockdown. ha Just happy to be here. Love “only connect” blog.

  4. I hope I did this right. I love the blog, but it was a little more difficult to figure out how to sign up and enter an Avatar then others I’ve been on. Nevertheless, I’ll take the time to figure it out in order to follow Charles. I really look forward to following your blog. I wish my avatar was one of those with you in it–who knows maybe someday. I enjoy seeing what your up to so I can follow your career, but I especially enjoy reading your political blogs. Good luck in your new ventures!

  5. Ok, on and ready to go. So your next show is in Wichita, right? Yea, yea, yea. I know, wishful thinking, but I figure if I keep putting it out there…… 😉

  6. Did I do it right? Am I in? You know, I’m not good with change!! Charlie, bring on the discussions–my mind is going stagnet

  7. ermmmmmm, I know it’s late here but I think I’ve done it……….if I haven’t, it’s not because of too much birthday falling down water, it’s coz I need to go to bed and sleep 🙂

  8. Yes! I’m echoing JoAnn–bring on the discussions. This will be my second blog on Word Press, and I really have enjoyed the other one (and it’s quite different from this one).

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