Westside Ballet Performs on FOX Good Day LA

Another Shaughnessy Makes Her Debut!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


11 thoughts on “Westside Ballet Performs on FOX Good Day LA

  1. Maddy is such an incredibly graceful and beautiful dancer. She spoke with such amazing confidence, maturity, and poise during the interview. That is one great young lady you and Susan have raised, Charlie! Susan must be ecstatic! I know how proud both of you are of her. Thanks for sharing this moment with your fans.

  2. Congratulations Susan and Charlie,
    beautiful and graceful dance of these girls. You can be proud of your daughter. so confident in conversation and witty as the Papa.Ich wish every success for their future careers.

  3. She is so lovely and graceful, Charlie, and so poised in the interview! She was just so calm and confident. It must be so much fun for Susan to watch Maddy follow in her “en pointe”-steps!

  4. This was so beautiful & graceful. Thanks for sharing. The girls are so adorable. Maddy seems like a chip of the block, full of talent. Proud for you & Susan. I know how proud i feel when my son is up on stage playing guitar. Is a lot of work and sacrifice for them as well as for us parents. Gas money for to & fro band practice and guitar strings. lol

  5. Maddie is just wonderful, talented, beautiful and poised. You and Susan must be so proud of such a terrific daughter, you both have a wonderful job of bringing her up.

  6. Lovely! Maddy is quite articulate in the interview, and the performance of the dancers is great. I’m sure you and your wife are quite proud of her (and if you aren’t, you should be).

  7. Congratulations Susan and Charlie to a talented and versatile daughter , not only in dance but also in communication! Seems to be in the family LOL.

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