Not so Gleeful.

Like millions of others, I welcomed the “Glee” Pilot as a breath of exciting, talented, exuberant fresh air. Is it just me or has it become almost incoherent this season? I know it continues to gobble up awards and polls like a Diva Juggernaut, but …really?

Hasn’t it just become a directionless, rambling self-important self-parody? Characters swap personalities and moods quicker than a chameleon can change color: trite, painfully condescending “shout-outs” to various handicapped or disadvantaged minorities seem to be thrown in willy-nilly whenever the show needs some “emotional quotient” in an otherwise barren landscape, even the trademark production numbers seem bloated and, somehow, disconnected. It still presents one of the most talented casts on TV, but the writers seem to have lost interest in them and that’s a pity because it won’t be long before we all follow suit.

Remember my friends . . . Only Connect!

Charles Shaughnessy


Thank you!! and…….

First I have to thank so many of you for your kind thoughts, wishes and even “goodies” that you sent my way on my birthday. It wasn’t a particularly monumental or glamorous birthday, but it was made so very special by all your kindness. I truly appreciate it and hope that you will forgive me for posting my thanks in this rather impersonal way. It is the only practical way to do so, but no less heartfelt.

…and, of course, since I have your attention…I think even more moving to me than the images of courage and quiet persistence that we saw coming out of Cairo the last couple of weeks, are the images of these same protesters cleaning up their mess. In some ways protesting is easy, whereas taking personal responsibility for the victorious aftermath can seem a less attractive chore. The symbolism of so many people, from so many walks of life getting down to the mundane and tedious chore of cleaning up Tahir square in order to re-build a society with fresh, clean hope is truly inspirational.

and so, my friends, remember Only Connect!

Charles Shaughnessy

Why the economic meltdown was a case of food poisoning.

So you’re on vacation and you’re pigging out. No one is regulating you, no one is telling you to “slow down,” ‘cos, well hey, it’s a vacation!! That lunchtime you cannot resist that platter of shrimp served up in a tasty-looking, but unidentifiable sauce. By dinnertime, you are regretting that rash decision, but the damage is done. The poisonous juices in your stomach are threatening all manner of pain to come. It is not a happy night. All hell breaks loose. The vacation is suddenly a disaster, you have to cancel all the fun stuff you had planned, you are purging yourself of anything you’ve eaten for the last few days. You feel like you are going to die, BUT the one good thing about all this is….you’ve lost a lot of weight. Soon, the rest of the family are pitching in:breakfast in bed, giving you sole control of the remote –  hey, you’re Dad, you’re too important to the family to be sick in bed for long. Soon, you’re feeling a lot better. In fact you’re feeling better than before. You’re not carrying around so much weight!! In fact you’re going to try to keep that weight off! After all, you have more energy, you play tennis better, you like the way you look in those speedos. ” I can definitely live with this!” you think to yourself. So here you are, having the time of your life for the next few days of the vacation, feeling healthier than ever with no intention of eating like you used to.

That’s the disconnect between this “healthy” economy with record corporate profits and the entrenched and stagnant job market. These corporations are enjoying the trillions of dollars they have made in the last year or so. So what if everyone has had to take on the work of three people and the”fat” has had to be trimmed. Clearly it’s economically viable the way it is, so who wants to start hiring again and spending all that cash? With my new dynamic and streamlined physique I am going to Disneyland!!!

…so remember my friends, Only Connect!

Charles Shaughnessy