2nd. coming could be inconvenient.

So Jesus is booked for his second coming on May 21st. huh?  Well, at least that’s what all these billboards around town are announcing. All I know for sure is that May 21st. is my 28th. wedding anniversary and, if our Lord chooses to re-appear on top of one of those billboards off the 405 during rush hour, he’s going to have to do some explaining to my wife for making me late for dinner!

Meantime, remember my friends…Only Connect!


Charlie Photos!

See how the fans are ‘connecting’ with Charlie by sending in photos with his name from a building or something that they have seen that has the name ‘Charlie’ in it!

They are pretty fun.  Check them out!  And if you have any photos with ‘Charlie’ or a variation of his name, send them in!!

You can see the entire album here:CHARLIE Photos!!

Thanks everyone who is sending them in . .  and as Charlie always says . ..  Only Connect!

No, I’m still here…..

Some of you have been a bit concerned lately that I haven’t been replying to your posts, and have felt a bit “abandoned.” Trust me, I am reading everything. I really enjoy the debates, opinions and, sometimes, arguments that this blog stimulates/generates/provokes. The reason I don’t “jump in” more often is twofold. First, for the most part I have stated my opinions as clearly and as fully as I feel necessary when I post the blog and, therefore, don’t see the need to expand/repeat/insist every time someone disagrees or, for that matter, agrees; secondly, I have noticed in the past that when I do reply to a comment everyone else feels slighted that I have replied “personally” to “A’s” comment, but not to theirs. Oh yes, you do! So I will stick to my practice of throwing the rock into the pond every now and then and watching what happens. That is not to say that I don’t reserve the right to wade into the middle of the pond now and again and start beating it with a stick if you provoke me!!!

So….you know what I mean…..Only Connect!

Charlie Shaughnessy.