No, I’m still here…..

Some of you have been a bit concerned lately that I haven’t been replying to your posts, and have felt a bit “abandoned.” Trust me, I am reading everything. I really enjoy the debates, opinions and, sometimes, arguments that this blog stimulates/generates/provokes. The reason I don’t “jump in” more often is twofold. First, for the most part I have stated my opinions as clearly and as fully as I feel necessary when I post the blog and, therefore, don’t see the need to expand/repeat/insist every time someone disagrees or, for that matter, agrees; secondly, I have noticed in the past that when I do reply to a comment everyone else feels slighted that I have replied “personally” to “A’s” comment, but not to theirs. Oh yes, you do! So I will stick to my practice of throwing the rock into the pond every now and then and watching what happens. That is not to say that I don’t reserve the right to wade into the middle of the pond now and again and start beating it with a stick if you provoke me!!!

So….you know what I mean…..Only Connect!

Charlie Shaughnessy.


72 thoughts on “No, I’m still here…..

  1. He has good points – we wouldn’t want anyone to think he was playing favorites! As you may have also noted, there is a lot to follow these days in terms of world events. In addition, he has many professional activities. As a result, his time for responding and re-arguing his points is limited.

    It is very kind of him to provide these contacts to fans, and one would hope that most people would be happy to leave it as it is.

      • Speak for yourself, skat 35, you might “become putty” but I don’t – it usually makes me rather wary! If Charlie Sheen asked me to trust him, “I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could kick him” although he’s probably not a good example! OK I don’t know Charlie Shaughnessy personally (and sorry for speaking/writing in front of you like this Charlie – I’m getting to my point) but my educated guess about the type of person Charlie is – is that he lives by certain principles, he values integrity, he has a social conscience, he cares about the impact he is generating on his blog, enough to explain to everyone, because people were questioning the fact that he even read what we wrote as well as not replying very often. Having said all that, it was Charlie’s 2nd sentence that “stood out the most” for me (from the rest of the paragraph he wrote) and because I have a lot of respect for him – I believe him.

        • Makes sense. Maybe is just one of “my” downfalls. It is certainly not a good idea to trust “any” good looking guy. You know sometimes some of us women are suckers for a smooth talker. Maybe i have been played one time to many. lol Charles does not strike me a con. Just joshing around. He does seem a man of integrity as well as vision. I believe in everything he posts even without the “trust me” part. It was an added bonus that i think is appealing to women so i made a joke about it. I know my first instinct was to say “okay then sweetie”. Hey, being honest! But that didn’t seem very appropriate to post. Just a automatic response to some great words i like to see or hear.

  2. Well, setting all “attempts” at humor aside, thank-you Charlie for providing this forum for us to discuss, debate, and learn from each other. Most of all thank-you for the opportunity to “connect” with those from around the country and even the world who we would not otherwise have the opportunity. I have wonderful friends around me, but it has been so nice to get to know people outside of my little world and expand it to include so many more wonderful people. Whether you comment or not, we feel of your appreciation and support for your fans. I hope to meet you someday, because I don’t just admire you for your role on “The Nanny”, DOOL, or your other various works, but I admire you for the person you are and providing this forum for your fans, I believe, is very unique. I still am hoping for the opportunity to see you in “My Fair Lady” and if I’m lucky enough to do so, maybe I can meet you then. I wish you and your family well and wish you and David success in your new adventure.

  3. Charlie–keep throwing those rocks into the middle of the pond and we will respond–we miss you when you don’t–and if you occassionly want to toss a few pebbles we’ll appreciate that as well–I , too, can’t imagine why anyone would feel slighted by not having a response directed to them personally, but I guess that’s human nature–I do remember on MySpace, when there were some very hot “conversations” taking place–it was fun , as Jo writes!! Keep it up–

  4. G’day Charlie, I have a solution. If it was scientifically possible you could reproduce asexually, by cell division, like the amoeba and then be in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, . . . up to infinity places at once! But would the world be able to cope with that many Charlie’s in it? Did I hear a “Yes, it would” from all your fans? Or perhaps we could clone you, the only drawback is that because it’s not instant we would have to wait 20 years for you to grow up. Don’t worry everyone – what gets Charlie going is . . . U.S. politics and don’t you have an election coming up soon? He’ll be replying so much you won’t be able to shut him up! I had better “brush up” on my knowledge of American politics! How long have I got? Hey, I didn’t say this was a foolproof solution – I’m only a scientist, not God!!!
    Seriously though, I find it hard to comprehend, “get my head around”, how you “live in the limelight” and deal with the fact that hundreds or thousands of people (mostly women) want to meet, talk and do all kinds of things with you!!! It probably gives you a “buzz” but I imagine eventually the novelty wears off and you’ve had many years to get used to it – if one ever does. I take my hat off to you. By the way Charlie, is this the first time you’ve signed off as Charlie instead of Charles?

  5. Everyone I’ve met on here is pretty special in their own little way even in argumentation and debate. We R Who We R. I just can’t imagine why anyone would complain about the blog owner not responding to them. It’s a little bit crazy… Celebs are people too.

    • It is just that we had all gotten used to Charlie usually commenting a time or two on each blog. If he feels that there are reasons as to not respond then that is understandable. It is “his” blog. Was nice of him to explain though so we weren’t wondering what happened. But, I am happy that they gave a shout out so we know what to expect.

  6. My first comment was tongue-in-cheek, but seriously…I would love it if you would continue these blogs for us. I have met so many wonderful people through your blogs/pages(as a matter of fact, I’m having dinner with Kimber Benedict’s Aunt Val tonight 🙂 ). We learn so much more about the other fans through these conversations, and it’s been fun to “connect”. Thank you for doing this, and as I’ve said many times…thank you for the wonderful women that I’ve met through you.

    • Echoing JoAnn about the connections that have developed through Charlie’s blogs. I have been able to develop friendships, relationships, assorted interactions (choose whichever term you prefer) with people who I would not have met if it weren’t for Charlie’s blog. Often I am stuck in the proverbial ivory tower, and it’s nice to communicate with people from all walks of life–and in other parts of the world–and hear their views on the issues that Charlie throws at us, whether we agree with him or not. Some of them have even ventured over to participate in my blog, and I have jumped in on blogs written by people who comment here. I can honesty say that my life is quite different now because of participating in Charlie’s blog. So while it might seem that some of us (including myself) grumble a bit about your lack of interaction, we do understand why you doesn’t always respond. And I also realize that I can’t thank you enough for doing this. I love it when people make me think; it happens so seldom in my job (yes, I know that sounds a bit crazy, but if you spend any amount of time in higher education, you will know what I mean). As a wise man once told me, “Keep blogging!”

  7. Charlie has great stories about his acting career and his new projects he is working on. The point I’m trying to get at is Charlie is very busy and wants to read the comments from his fans. Charlie might reply to someone’s comment if he is not pressured by anyone.

  8. The best part of Charlie’s blog is reading about Charlie’s experiences and it’s very cool. Even through Charlie doesn’t reply to every comment is fine with me because I really like reading the stuff he writes in his blogs. Charlie is a talented writer and I like how he writes his blogs. Charlie’s blog page is awesome.

    I understand Charlie’s point here because there are a lot of great comments on Only Connect and it’s hard to reply to every comment on the page. Everyone likes to read his blogs and they like to comment on them. Charlie looking for discussions among his fans and sometimes he joins the discussions. This is the second best part of Charlie’s blog is the discussions among the fans.

  9. Well, I just found the key to get you to respond to my comment–I need to provoke you. I think I will begin to make that my goal on this blog, but not today. I understand why you don’t want to appear as though your playing favorites in a group full of idolizing women. I think that shows great wisdom. For heaven’s sake, it’s hard enough to keep one woman happy.

    I want you to know however, that I admire your wife as much as I do you. Now granted I don’t “know” her quite as well, but the little I do know of her I think she must be a wonderful woman (now I know that won’t provoke you. I guess I’m straying from my goal). So I’ve decided that since I know you really want to respond to my comments, but don’t want to make the others feel bad, I’ve devised a plan. You and your wife can come to Las Vegas and go out to dinner with my husband and I. That way, I can meet your wonderful wife, you can meet my wonderful husband and no one on this blog will be any wiser. I think it’s a great idea. What about you?

    Please note that my husband reprimanded me on my own blog yesterday, because after 28 years of marriage sometimes he still doesn’t get my sense of humor. I don’t know why I would expect any of you to get it when you haven’t even met me and it doesn’t come through the same way in writing as it does in person. Yet, even if I’m joking, I would jump at the chance for this to come to fruition.

    Anyway, Charlie, I certainly understand your position.

    • Alrighty then! I know i’d love to go out on a date with Johnny Depp but thinking it may snow in Haiti before he asks me out!

      • Oh Johnny Depp, he’s cute… but hey, you already have a man. What about all the single ladies…all the single ladies. LOL..

      • haha. I’ve wanted to go on a date with Johnny Depp ever since I first saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Since then, my group of Johnny Depp movies has grown greatly. (not to mention, he’s one hell of an actor.)

        • Oh so right girlfriend, Johnny is the sexiest pirate. There’s a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” coming May 20 this year so it gives us another chance to swoon. Well, who doesn’t like dark eyes and hair? I’m fairly sure he’s available so yes there is a slight bit of hope it just might snow in haiti Roxanna:)

          • Although I think it is completely unnecessary for there to be a fourth film, I am going to see it and I am excited for it. Kind of upset that Gore Vorebinski didn’t direct it, but he directed Rango, so I suppose that makes up for that.
            Hate to burst your bubble, though. He’s been attached to Vanessa Paradis for quite some time. Not quite sure if they ever tied the knot.

            And, if it makes you feel any better, I have seen 21 Jump Street. 🙂

            • I’m going to try and see Rango soon, because my son has been asking to go too. Bubble is semi-burst…I know he’s not married he’s without ring, and it’s not posted all over the news. He loves being a dad, and that’s attractive so it’s ok he’s got a girlfriend/baby mama don’t want all that hotness going to waste. Dreaming is harmless, but it’s nice to have a crush.. lets me know I can still feel emotion.

              • Haha. No, we don’t want all that “hotness” going to waste. I heard Rango was really good, though. I’ve been trying to get out and see it but school is kicking my butt right now. So. Many. Papers. I’m sure your son will enjoy it.

              • I hear you about school. That’s why I’ve put off going to see Rango. It seems that before the semester wraps up in May there are projects that have to be done, papers that have to be written, and the gmat to take in a couple of weeks. I’m getting in the mood for fun, but I completely understand about classes “kicking your butt”. There have been a few that have kicked mine, and I had to retake like a bio2 for science majors. I couldn’t get in to dissecting animal eyes, and rats. Oh those were the days…that was when I changed majors from pharmacy to business, and forget it. College is where you learn where you want to be, where you want to go, and it’s hard. Some of us know right away, and sometimes it takes awhile to figure out our path. You got the right idea to keep your head in your work. There are fun days ahead for us, and you’ll be out before you know it.

              • perhaps I should clarify on the last sentence….It’s nice to have a crush …puts a temporary bandaid on the heart. I can still feel though:) Have you ever just wrote something, and didn’t use the words you wanted? Ugh, it happens.

          • Great i can go and see the new Pirates (with my husband) for my birthday! Thanks for posting. Yes, he is with Vanessa, they live in France and have two kids.

    • Now look at that, my husband and I still may not be going out to dinner with Charlie and Susan (by the way we would come to Santa Monica), but I have been successful at getting all these single girls to get their minds off of Charlie and on to Johnny Depp.

      • Nah, my mind is still on Charlie as well: Tall, dark, mysterious, smart, talented and handsome. That is the ticket or at least mine. Any other takers? Seriously, I hope you get to meet them. Email me the details or we could come with? Okay, i’d be willing to bring my husband along too seeing how the cat is done out of the bag. Me and you could hang out with Susan. The guys have guy time. Except we are far away. You have a better shot. lol

    • Jeannie, I got the humor right away. There is, of course, plenty of room for wishful thinking. Perhaps all of you could make the trip for dinner down to Emeril’s in New Orleans. I promise we’d pass a good time (as this cajun would say.)

      • I say anywhere, anytime and anyone can come along. If it has to be New Orleans, then New Orleans it is. The only people we have to convince is Charlie and Susan. It might be a hard sell. By the way, I’m glad you got my humor–it makes me have faith in the world. When I’m self-deprecating I get in trouble from my husband, but I don’t do much better when I’m self promoting. Sometimes I’m not so popular around my own house, when I remind my children they don’t have to be perfect because they only have one perfect parent. I leave it up to them to decide which one, but I slip them an extra $100 bill when I tell them that. They still choose their father. What can I do? Maybe I’ll have to try $200.

        • Self promoting doesn’t work with our family especially for me. Oldest has always been a daddy’s girl; mom doesn’t count except when she needs something. Even $200. wouldn’t help me there. Mom is the least perfect in the family just one notch down from her brother. Dad, in this case, is the perfect parent. It might work with our son, though. He loves me no matter what, thank God. We both stick together because we’re really the perfect ones. We just let them think they are. Can’t wait till my daughter’s 3 daughters reach that wonderful puberty stage. I’ll get my revenge then!

        • I’ve never been to or heard of Good Time Charlie’s, but I’d find it in a heart beat if you came. Have you ever eaten Charles’ Chips ? yum. There are several businesses that share the name Charles around here: Charley’s tv service, Charlie’s auto repair, Charlie’s automotive car care center, Charlie’s barber shop, Charlie’s restaurant, Charlie’s heating and air conditioning services. None are on St. Charles Ave. except the St. Charles hotel. Charles has become a very popular name of late. As always, the older names return from time to time. A nephew just named his son, Charles(Charlie,what else?) and a friend’s daughter named her son, Charles. He’s been Charlie in utero. It’s a great name. Glad it’s made a resurgence. Nephew calls his Charlie, Bubba. Go figure!

          • My uncle had told me it was a Cajun restaurant but i am not sure. He used to travel to New Orleans or the area nearby sometimes. He passed away else i would ask him where it was exactly.

  10. Right! You can please some of the people some of the time. But not all the people all the time. Just don’t beat us with the stick. Only the comments.

  11. Charlie,
    I’m sure everybody understands. It’d be much too difficult to get involved all the time. It is nice to know that you read all the comments, though, instead of just approving them and moving on. Makes your fans feel special. 🙂

    • That’s just it, Kristen…apparently everyone didn’t understand. There are 4 of us who have been with Charlie’s blog since day one, and it’s an entirely different group of people today. Charlie was much more vocal then(of course, the subject matter was usually more volatile also), and he’d chime in with a new thought of his own or to reply directly to a particular comment. And people complained that he talked to one person more than others, or that he never replied to them. I don’t sense that the same thing would happen with our current crop of “Charlie bloggers”, but it did then.

      • Jo, you can bet this newcomer wouldn’t do that. It’s completely amazing to me that Charlie can’t participate in his own blog at his own discretion without having people complain. Could people be any more petty? That must really take some of the fun out of the whole experience for him. He is being generous to share his thoughts and ideas with us and people feel they have the right to complain about the manner in which he chooses to participate. Reality check: IT’S CHARLIE’S BLOG! My goodness, this is ridiculous.

          • I totally agree, Laura. I think it’s unreal that a group of ADULTS would whine about Charlie not commenting on their posts, because he commented on others…and that he feels he can’t do that anymore.
            I’d like to think though, that the people who have sent messages recently about these current blogs…that some of them weren’t meaning to “complain” as much as they were concerned that he was no longer participating. And I’m sure it’s been frustrating for Charlie…he didn’t blog for a long time and heard about how he’s not blogging, then when he DOES blog again, he hears about how he’s not commenting!
            I wasn’t one of the people who sent Charlie a note about this, but I won’t deny that I miss the interaction, and I’ve heard from many “blog lurkers” that they do too. I’d hope that for every whiner, there are 100 who really love hearing Charlie’s views and opinions.

            • I agree with you Kristen/JoAnn. Really makes me wonder about some people. Ah, that’s being human, I suppose. You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all all of the time. Polite debate is required. NO exceptions;those are the rules. Be kind spirited.

        • I totally agree with you. I love reading Charlie’s Blog and whatever he has to say. I can’t understand why people would complain. He is such a busy man that we are lucky that he takes the time to write these blogs for his fans. Thank you Charlie!!

  12. Oh Burn! To funny: “wade in the pond and beat it with a stick”. But glad to know that you are still there. Kinda thought so. Hoped so.

  13. But it’s FUN when you hit me over the head with the stick!! And even more fun when I hit you back ;). I have missed your periodic comments on the blogs too, but I understand why you feel you must take a step back. I hope you are able to join in more frequently.
    But just for old times’ sake …”Your lot is never satisfied, are you?” “You need to get out of Hollyweird and see the real world” “Tea*****r!” “We never called Bush Hitler” “Yes you did, no we didn’t, did too, did not”. Neener neener. There, now I feel better.

    • Right! To use an analogy that fits with my profession, as least we know that when Charlie leaves the classroom, he’s still lurking in the hallway, listening to (or, in this case, reading) what we have to say. And you certainly are welcome to poke your head back in the classroom every once in a whlie–or, as you put it, wading “into the middle of the pond now and again and start beating it with a stick.” Although that will only cause more ripples in the water….maybe that is your intent, to encourage us to discuss issues further, or to think about them in another way. That’s not to say we still won’t try to provoke you…and I think you know how I’ll respond if anyone tries to enlighten the masses with a revisionist interpretation of history.

  14. Charlie, Thank you for the explanation. Those of us who have followed you and your blogs from MySpace to Blogspot and now to WordPress do remember when you were a more active participant, and I didn’t mind when you would respond to one person’s comment instead of mine (although I do remember when you did reply to one of my comments on the “Social Delinquents” blog last summer—and people were asking me what got into you to make that comment). For the folks who just joined in the “Charlie’s Intellectual Mud Wrestling” as Deidre so eloquently put it, Charlie did occasionally chime in on the blogs, adding additional comments (not always in response to what people wrote—kind of like his additional movie recommendations on the “Ones That Got Away” blog). We miss that interaction. We know that Charlie is quite busy getting the new project off the ground (and I do sincerely hope that this works out), but we have always found the blogs to be a place where we can interact with him on more than a “fan worship” level—as in we are interacting with Charlie the law graduate, Charlie the Jeopardy champion, etc., not with Shane Donovan or Maxwell Sheffield. I understand why Charlie doesn’t think it is necessary to “jump in” all the time; even I don’t do that with my own blog, and I get far fewer comments than he does. But it would be nice if he would respond when we start taking the blog in a different direction, just to let us know that he’s okay with that (although I suspect approving our comments when we do that does imply that he approves of it).

  15. Good luck with the new website. How funny I checked my facebook and saw the postings, at the same time I ‘m watching re-runs of “The Nanny”
    Thank you for the great entertainment and laughs. God Bless
    Janet Doten

  16. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I’ve said for a long time that your blogs were “Charlie’s Intellectual Mud Wrestling”. Keep throwing the topics our way and we’ll keep diving in and “wrestling” it out. 😉

  17. Your fans just want to hear from you. You communicate quite a lot and seem very accessible to your followers. I’m sure most of them understand it’s impossible for you to respond to every comment made. Just wanna say I’m one of your fans who understand and still love you!

  18. i can see people being jealous of others getting attention from u…everybody wants a piece of charlie! haha. I would much rather u reply only when you want to (and who you want to) then not at all though. btw, im watching the nanny right now, god i love this show 🙂

  19. There is only so much of one person to go around. You can only do your best and everyone should be happy with that. If they feel slighted, they should look to things going on in the world such as the horrible events in Japan. Perhaps that will put things in perspective for them. 🙂

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