2nd. coming could be inconvenient.

So Jesus is booked for his second coming on May 21st. huh?  Well, at least that’s what all these billboards around town are announcing. All I know for sure is that May 21st. is my 28th. wedding anniversary and, if our Lord chooses to re-appear on top of one of those billboards off the 405 during rush hour, he’s going to have to do some explaining to my wife for making me late for dinner!

Meantime, remember my friends…Only Connect!


144 thoughts on “2nd. coming could be inconvenient.

  1. I have something that i want to get off my chest. Now there is a surprise.. Not. Um something happened the other day at my son’s (Presbyterian) private preschool (that i very much appreciate & respect) that has been eating at me. To me is a “large” example of alot of points that i have been trying to imply. Yes, you may throw tomatoes at me when you see me and this may be interpreted as more of the same crazy rantings of an atheistic viewpoint. Hopefully not, but i could see how it would be taken that way. Here goes: I was visiting at my baby’s preschool for circle time. And yes i know is a faith school but, … it bothers me that they told all the little ones that everything printed in the bible is the truth. #1 if is absolutely the truth you don’t need to be told that it is because as i have heard on this blog before in the past. That truth stands alone. You can look at it from all angles and it holds up or can’t be broken. Such as some of the history in the bible. Therefore, why would you need to be told that it is a such. Seems to me and this the clincher that you guys prob will not like: that they are embedding that into the kids memory file so to speak so when other ideas of faiths are introduced they can look back and go “oh yeah the bible is the truth”. Now, of course i am not saying we should not promote the bible at a faith school but, what if other faith schools in other countries do the same? My problem is we need to be exposed to other ideas as well (or other faiths) and learn to decide for ourselves and not allow adults to decide for us as to hold what in reverence. Children should not be arm twisted (so to speak) to follow in family traditions. They can learn by your example. I am not upset because i will be teaching my baby to have an open mind and his religion (whether he chooses one or not)is ultimately his decision to make. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. And i will love him no matter which road he chooses to fulfill. He does not have to be a mini me (so to speak) to make me proud. I am already proud of them and do not doubt their brilliant minds will make good choices. In being the first basically of my own family line, i wish to set a good example for them. They are also descended from a brave American frontiersman. Daniel Boone is their grandfather. Daniels daughter Rebbecca married their grandfather Phillip Goe. I feel an honor for me, a practical no body to know and feel such a great connection to America. At the end of the day. All we can do is what our heart tells us is right. This is just worrisome to me that this all seems a very unnecessary step in Christianity. That in my opinion is a type of brainwashing or brain leading. Maybe i am over reacting but is what my gut tells me. Not sure how you guys feel. Would love to know what you guys think on this matter. But not as to argue. Oh man i am so getting kicked off this blog prob.

    • True story and sorta funny: My oldest son’s (who has a different father) grandfather (who was born in Kentucky) is half Shawnee Indian. The Shawnee Indians were the ones that murdered one of Daniel Boone’s sons and kidnapped his daughter (they got her back). Seems pretty neat as well as ironic that my all my kids have ancestral ties to Kentucky. But in such opposite ways. Or is it really that opposite? Perhaps that interconnection thing that Charlie mentions? Maybe this is just how America is & was meant to be. We are all basically descended from so many different folks of many different backgrounds. Isn’t it strange how sometimes things in life can change or turn out? Shows how come you should never say never. Maybe is why the brothers fight so much? Kidding! But they are stubborn.

    • To skat35…I agree about brainwashing kids with the bible. It has too many dangerous outcomes in my opinion. My Step-Father still thinks the world was made in 7 days (oh wait, he made it in six and rested on the 7th! His words) and that’s just ridiculous. I only think religion is good for one reason…if something bad is happening and you scream out “Oh God” then it’s okay for him to come rescue me (or you)! For real though…people who say they have witnessed a miracle I believe have only witnessed it because they are so religious and belief can do some strange and crazy things if your mind really absorbs it. Just like the people who faint in church (give me some of that!) My old friend was so far from religion growing up…did drugs (not addictively, if that’s a word) and slept around with guys at the age of twelve. Then she had a kid, but wait, didn’t find God yet. The kid was 10 when she started going to church. After two years of that she told me she couldn’t be my friend anymore because…ah-hem…GOD TOLD HER NOT TO! I was stunned and falling off the couch laughing at the same time. That is all I have to say on this issue. C-ya people. Have a bea-U-tiful holiday!

      • Erica: It is very sad as well as seemingly ridiculous to loose friends over religious ideas. I have too. Plus, have had many arguments with folks. You know what they say. What constitutes a day in the bible? Is true i think that many folks use religion as a crutch. But whatever gets them through the rough stuff and being a human is rough at times. Different strokes for different folks. The part i dislike the worst about religion is that it promotes tribalism due to there are many different ones. Also, like everything it has been exploited for capital gain. I also believe government can sometimes be in bed with religion. an opinion of course. My fave thing about it is the promotion of selfish love and morals. Humans are selfish by nature and sometimes we need to have a clear vision of right and wrong. Black and white can turn gray area sometimes with different perspectives. .

      • Back to brainwashing and dangerous outcomes. Good subject by the way. The worst part of extreme religion is when it becomes an obsession and folks either allow themselves to be controlled or lead by what they think is their religion. I think is more like a gang actually. God is being used a pawn in this game. Then they even begin to spend their focus on the afterlife than valuing this one. That is very scary. And scares me even more that these extremist could start a holy war in the name of God. Don’t they stop to think: Is that what God would want? 1,000’s or even more could perish and millennium civilizations would be pushed back in time to the Holy Crusades. Then how civilized are we really? Have you guys ever seen Lord of the flies? Even those who want to take a backseat or opt out of this madness card will be caught up in it too. We are already. Million dollar question: Where do we draw the lines between religion, propaganda, and/or obsession? Just makes me sad that human nature seems to lye in loyalties to our own tribes rather than love for God and our fellow humans. Billion dollar question: Are we merely a self destructive race? I have heard that love and hate could be one in the same emotion. It seems that way sometimes. Food for thought.

  2. Yes, Rub It In! lol The discovery of the lead codices.. I never said that i was 100% sure that i was right and you guys wrong. History is good and artifacts are great!

  3. Everyone: I am sorry if my ideas and beliefs came across as harsh and/or bullying. Also did not mean to blog hog. Not my intention. Perhaps my joking around and pot shots at Christianity and/ or the bible were too harsh. I want you “all” to know that i think you guys are great, kind, smart, & gracious people. Please don’t take what i say personally. I love America! And if America would change to drastically without Christianity then i would want a change to come. Understand that is my love for america that makes me want her to be great. That is the Christian “extremist” (s well as muslim extremist) that i disprove of here. Plus, atheist extremist ideals as well. Once again suffering from foot in mouth syndrome. Please except my apology, i am embarrassed for possibly sounding like a traitor or hurting you guys by voicing my opinion. Please don’t stop posting verses. I will chill down. Being a redneck, we tend to be a little out spoken or overbearing. Not meaning to enforce a hostile take over. Understand i want to hear from you guys. If i get gang jumped in Boston, i will understand that i had it coming. lol

      • The tall and short of my anger against “extreme” Christian ideas: (if you really want to read this, insert eye roll here) Because i am poor and broken. No sympathy please, making a point hopefully. I see alot of other poor and broken. When i went to church (aka social or country club) to worship and hear the teachings of a peaceful moral carpenter. I had to hear about the plite of the sinners being brought upon itself etc. Such as “what happened or happened to them was their own fault.” Which i can live with. But the whole “it was God’s will or his punishment” thing throws me. Granted people make choices in life and we have to live with them. But some of these broken people are simply that; broken. The reasons that alot of them are on drugs or prostituting is that they were severely mistreated or raped etc by a man and they think this is what they are worth to men. Jesus went to the whore “Jezebel” and put his arm around her. Is the selfishness and self absorption of his so called church followers that makes me well,sick. I have witnessed homeless “stinky” people sitting on the church grounds and no one turning a blind eye to them. Poor children with behavior problems cast away due to they are annoying. Fellow Christians calling to take up arms to “take back” america. Turning on one of their own, ( such as myself) by probing in my life and say that my kids are cursed because of sins i commited (they have aspergers) and damning me to hell. Telling me i deserve to be poor and my kids deserve to have problems because i am a sinner, i got what was coming to me. How did i deserve to be beaten down (by proclaiming Christians i might add and broken? Abandoned etc. what did i do? i was a faithful servant of God for many years. I walked away. And yes with anger in my heart. As well as pity. Pity as well for Jesus’s broken message as well. But realize that all christians do not behave in such fashion. Wanted you guys to understand my way of thinking. Don’t mean to hurt or embarrass anyone. Trying to send a wakeup call. These folks are damaging folks more as well as tarnishing your religion. Watch:” the muslim’s next door” on CNN this coming saturday night (they are repeating it because of its high ratings) and you will see what i mean. If Jesus comes, will he like what he sees? All i am saying.

        • But: you guys are the most loving Christians that i have ever met. Without a doubt. After my grandmother of course. Thanks Jeannie & Valerie & Joann for caring about me in spite of myself. For the record” my two best friends are Christians. One is an extremist, we fight sometimes but i love her always the same. Agree to disagree. lol

          • Roxana, I want you to know that you are of great worth. No matter what you have done or what you have not done, what you believe or do not believe, you are valued and are loved. There are people who care about you and are hoping for good things to come to your life. I know that many of them are people who participate on this blog. You are resilient and I know you can rise above the challenges of life. Please know that I and others are rooting for you and hope that you recognize your own great worth. I personally can understand your anger and heartache, but I also know that you can overcome it. It will not be easy, but you are worth it.

            • I believe that. That we all can overcome obstacles . Have just gone on with my life. And i don’t hate those folks personally or anything. I still talk to them in the grocery store. lol And i go to church on holidays for my family sake. (They are concerned that i will be left behind during the rapture due to my lacking moral). I like to take the kids to vacation bible school, but word has gotten around that i am mad and i feel less welcome you know. But, do blame the teachings they have received to a large extent of their ideas or actually there interpretations of them. You guys are sweet and i didn’t mean to seem so pitiful. A lot of the reasons that i haven’t been successful, is just i didn’t try hard enough. Not blaming that on everyone else. But do blame my family for my low self esteem. And that affects other areas of things. Bi-polar doesn’t help with that either, so again may not be all their fault. We shape our own destiny ya know. Rise above it.

              • Oh don’t feel bad. My first love was a Independant Fundamental Baptist Preacher ok? Now, we are the same age right, and he pressured me for intimate relations then, so….when we broke up and I kept attending because I was a member but because he was the man, and a preacher, and an upstanding citizen, I was the one to be made to feel unwelcome. Don’t let others keep you down, or make you think you are unworthy or invaluable just to make themselves look better. In the end, they just look like the tail end of a donkey, and because you move forward and hold your head up you are the better person.

          • ((Oh Roxana)), I’m reading this with tears in my eyes. I know you’ve shared it with me before, but I just get so angry when I read how badly you were treated. That was WRONG and they will be held accountable for that. I sent you a pm, rather than discuss this is public. You ARE loved and worthy, and please don’t evaluate others based on that experience. I can fully understand…your HEAD knows that those people were wrong and that there are good churches, but your HEART is afraid of being hurt again :(. So it’s easiest just to convince yourself that the whole thing is wrong, rather than risk the pain. I am so sorry that you went through that.

            • Thanks again Jo and never really thought of it in that light of being afraid to get hurt again. Possibly but i have gone on to a different spiritual journey for the mean time. My best friend (the one who is an extremist) would probably agree with you. She says that my lack trust of basically everyone i know is affecting my level of trust in everything. She thinks i am confused. But, i think is more than that. With apergers, we are very logical thinkers. idk I used to have faith but then came doubt or skepticism, i tried to muddle though it with faith. Then, i just lost it. More in time. Being mad at certain events didn’t help either. Then i realized, i never chose Christianity it had been chosen for me. I think i felt obligated to it due to tradition (everyone in my family is a Christian). That maybe owed a chance to discover who i am individually etc. Tradition or culture can make us feel obligated rather than breaking out to the hard road of choosing a path less traveled. Furthering chances of being misunderstood. Which is how i feel around my best friends. But the fact they still love me shows great understanding as well as some tolerance. Maybe there is hope at least. They tried to say i was choosing the devil’s path. Spent months trying to educate them about agnosticism. Not sure they still quite grasp it. They apologize and ask permission to pray around me or for me. I am like: i am fine with it, you forget i used to be you. Is like they forgot. Is weird but, is better than keeping it from them. They hate it more so that is am a liberal and we fight about politics more so than religion. lol

        • Don’t you see? (this is when text doesn’t quite convey my loving tone) We are all broken – the whole lot of us. Beyond that, our world is too. That is something that no one needs to explain. We see it; we feel it; we know it. But this is precisely the “why” of Jesus. Yes, Christians are called to love thy neighbor (consider me your far away neighbor), but you know what … sometimes we suck it at. We are hurt and we hurt others. And I am sorry for that. But think when it has worked – that is a beautiful picture. (sending a hug and a prayer from Deutschland)

        • skat35…who’s bullying you??? Let em! Religion is stupid. Yeah…I said it! There is no majic man in the sky who will protect you. Don’t all the Tsunami’s say something to you about that??? Would God let all this happen? Oh, wait…its our punishment…right. For not believing in him (waaahhh). So God is a cry baby? When he doesn’t get his way he just hits you with some monster waves, kills people and destroys lives…THEN he forgives. Sorry…pass…I think I’d rather believe in myself to do what I gotsta do.

          • We all are entitled to our own opinions. But, if you could please be respectful of other people, and of what they believe, that would be nice. And people will respect what you believe in return.

          • Erica I do agree with you on the basis of… if there is a God why would he let these things happen? The whole bipolar vengeance is mine thingy is difficult for me to buy into as well. I think is more that we could be responsible for the extreme weather patterns. We shape our own destiny based on choices or cause and effects. From a science perspective the weather is just perhaps normal changes in earths life cycle. The dinosaurs had there shot and now is ours. Even though i think the idea of a God is a tad silly, i can see how folks would believe or would in fact want to. I would love to be proven wrong and think there is someone out there who can’t wait to spend eternity with me. Beats the alternative. But of course it would be nice if there is a life after this one. I try to think of it from a scientific perspective i hope of some sort of energy transference, at the very least. Is also hard to comprehend how in fact the big bang just happened. Can also see how people could think that something had a hand in it. But trouble picturing a type of humanoid type being. With all this chaos is hard to imagine someone or something behind the wheel. Perhaps there was a God but he immersed all his energy into creating the universe and then therefore existed no more. Merely a theory of course. Happy holiday to you too. Thanks for joining though. Stupid! from certain angles maybe? but a little harsh there. This is a tough crowd.

            • Would like to revisit the God immersing himself into the universe or existing no more part. I didn’t finish elaborating on that. If in fact that is what happened? Then, us and all other living things could be pieces of God. God maybe had an energy transference. And That would be beautiful and wonderful to think of: if we and everything in the universe are pieces of God. And Yes, i am a bit nuts. lol Also a pantheist.

          • And, in my belief, these terrible things happen because without them, we would not know happiness. Just wanted to share my opinion, as well.

            • I agree. Without sadness, we would not know happiness. Without death there would be not be life etc. Everything seems to have an equal or opposite reaction.

          • @Erica Who was bullying me? It was some southern baptists. You are right, no worries. I can handle bullies. Was my respect for my family that kept me from venting my true feelings on the matter. Else i’d told them to shove it.

    • Roxana,
      Everybody has different experiences and challenges in life. Sometimes they lead us to different beliefs, but I believe that before we receive answers we first have to question. I think you are just searching for what you do really believe. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I believe you will find your answers. Thanks for the comment. (p.s. I think we all did our share of blog hogging on this one. That’s why there are so many comments.)

      • Maybe searching for something? Seems as though i am a bit of an enigma. Even to myself. I hope i do find some answers and judging folks is probably not a good thing for me to do either. Not sure as to what to believe in anymore. Except i do believe that there is always hope and love conquers all. And agree that we are all “connected”. as well as equals.

      • So true. I guess our experiences and/ or challenges shape much of how we view things. It is said that personality is 1/3 genetics, 1/3 environment, & 1/3 responses to our environment. I can see that i guess. Except the genetics part that, i have no experience with. lol

  4. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your 29th anniversary. (I had to write this with two different posts because you were at 98 comments when I wrote the first one and I didn’t know if anyone else commented to bring it to 100).

  5. Well, congratulations charlie! You have succeeded in generating at least 100 comments with this simple little statement about not being late for your 28th anniversary dinner. Who would have thought? My guess–you and Kristen (1st post on this blog).

  6. I noticed several comments about the assorted portrayals of Jesus as a blonde-haired, blue eyed baby or the good-looking, well-built young man with piercing blue eyes (thanks JoAnn for the descriptions). When I was younger, the “popular” image of Jesus where I lived was what I would call “hippie Jesus”–scraggly dark brown hair, wearing sandals (hey, it was the early 70s). My mother’s image of Jesus is Jeffrey Hunter in “King of Kings”–piercing blue eyes, dark hair, etc. According to her, He’s a man, not a woman (apparently to her Jesus with long hair is a woman).

    Well, the last year I lived in Houston, we went to a Christmas pageant that focused on the life of Christ. One of my co-workers was one of the singers (it was a Singing Christmas Tree), and toward the end of the program Jesus entered, followed by his disciples. My mother turned and saw him as he came down the aisle and whispered to me, “That’s Jeffrey Hunter!” Now, I knew what she meant–that young man who was playing Jesus looked like Jeffrey Hunter. When “Jesus” tapped my shoulder as he walked past our pew…my mother noticed and said that meant something good was going to happen to me soon. I’m not going to say officially it was anything more than a coincidence…but a few months later, after four years, I got the job I have now. So yeah, you can call me a believer, even if I don’t regularly attend church (that’s a long story…one that will have to wait for another time).

    • Karen nobody can be ‘better than I understand all the important things in my life years are long stories I made ​​it clear that Jesus’ is the dilation of the fact that he is or not May 21

  7. @Debjoey7 on your comment time stamped March 26, 2011, 1:09p.m. again depleted level of replies allowed. Anyway, thanks for your comments and encouragement. Congratulations on going back to school to study biology and chemistry. I almost did my double major in chemistry, but I decide math fits with physics a lot better. I’ve just struggled because I get so many comments that are not very positive. Even my mom just can’t get over the fact that this is something I want to do. I’ve been working on it for 8 years and she still continues to question me. I also have so many people say, “What are you going to do with your degree?” But they say it in a not so positive tone–kind of like at your age isn’t it a waste. I finally have come up with an answer to that question. I tell them, “I’m in the process of looking for a really pretty frame and just the right place in my house to hang it on the wall.” That usually backs them off, but I admit last night my husband’s and my date consisted of me crying over the lack of support I have received from those around me. Not him. So your comments really are appreciated.

    • As someone who was called the “professional student” at family reunions (of course, I was never there to hear it–I was off working or at school), I understand what you mean about it taking forever to finish. My mother actually heard about it from her cousin years later–how her eldest sister would sarcastically describe me as a professional student. First, in my case–the college paid me to attend there, so I guess I was a professional student (as compared to an amateur one?). Second, for the job I wanted–I needed to go to school a long time (only in my case it took a bit longer than I expected, but it all worked out in the end). And the question about “What are you going to do with your degree?” I always said that once I had my own office, it was going to be hung on the wall inside a pretty frame so that everyone could see it. I figured that was a lot easier than explaining what someone does with a Ph.D. in history, because it’s not exactly the most marketable degree out there. And yes, it’s hanging on the wall inside a pretty red frame–that was the first thing I hung on the wall in that office (a few other items have been hung since then).

      And if anyone ever questions why someone goes to college (at any age), just remind them that (a) you are thirsting for knowledge, and that is the best place for you to quench that thirst; and (b) you are setting an example for your children to value education and not take it for granted. Quite a few of my students are what we call non-traditional, as in not straight out of high school. Some went into the military after HS, some went into the work force, some followed what is known as the “mommy track.” But they all decided that they wanted to continue learning as adults, so they are in college. I have found them to be the most conscientious, hard-working, and passionate students, because they know WHY they are in college–that it’s not a place to go hide instead of facing the “real world.”

      By the way–this comment in no way intends to attack “traditional” students. Most of my students are the ones who come straight out of high school, but I encounter so many who aren’t academically (or emotionally) prepared for college. It probably is this way because the college where I work is pretty much open admissions and admits anyone with a pulse (at least it seems that way sometimes). But I do have quite a few traditional students who I am proud to have in my classes, some of whom are going to be fine teachers when they finish their degrees.

      • I have gotten that too sometimes my friends say, “Isn’t your job being a career student?” It isn’t necessarily how fast I finish, but the most important thing to me is that I finish. Looking back I wasn’t ready for college at 17, because I can tell how my grades got better the older I became. Education is important, and especially important for the empowerment of women. I don’t want to ever be in the situation of being dependant on a man for anything(no offense to guy bloggers). Women of the past have paved the way for us to have a voice, vote, make a living, own property, and shatter the glass ceiling. Whether that ceiling is completely shattered, it’s debatable, but I think it’s cracked because there are women CEO’s, and the majority of college graduates from my university are female. Maybe when it truly breaks is when a woman becomes president of the U.S. and it is a matter of when.

  8. I actually wanted to reply to JoAnn’s comment time stamped March 26, 2011 at 4:13 p.m. (which is kind of confusing because here in the U.S. where this blog originates it has not been 4:13 p.m. on March 26, 2011 yet) but we have depleted the allowed levels of reply on that comment so I’ll comment here. No need to apologize JoAnn. I actually think it added to some humorous thoughts. Believe me it wasn’t the first mistake I made that day and it wasn’t the last. But I did want to add something about the comment referred to above. You quoted Isaiah 53:2: “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him,” then added He was most likely a very average looking Middle Eastern Jewish man whose looks would not have drawn attention. As I read that, I thought, well, that eliminates charlie (still not capitalizing anything to do with him.) Sorry charlie (tuna again) no more fan worship. (would that provoke you).

  9. I’m not the least bit upset. The bible says we will not know the place or the time. Therefore, if someone found out the date or time, God would change it!

    Happy Anniversary to you!

  10. This sign failed to even make me slightly pensive. Turn or Burn! Repent before it’s too late! Living in the Bible Belt around Southern Baptists, you’ll get your fill of this kind of rhetoric. God loves you, but if you don’t do what he says then we’re talking Old Testament. I had a friend who is a Sikh tell me that when he asked a pharmacist for a recommendation about treating his condition, she said “Nothing will cure your condition except the blood of Jesus.” This is not appropriate behavior! JoAnn is right, it is embarrassing to the more moderate members of this religion. Can’t they say God loves you and leave it at that? Anyway, I am glad that your having a 28th Anniversary coming up Charlie and Susan. I think your pretty safe for dinner. Knock on wood!
    P.S. I have to tell that the name of one of my favorite pottery studios in this area is Turn and Burn! Thank you God for a sense of humor.

  11. OY Veh—Haven’t seen any of those billboards here in eastern Pennsylvania–so I’m thinking that the Lord must be coming from west to east !!!! Happy Anniversary Charlie and Susan. I don’t know what the proper gift is for 28th anniversary–maybe emeralds or rubies or certainly something gold. Maybe you should check on that, Charlie–

    • Beverly: As someone who lives in the same state, I’ve seen them, but not recently. They keep changing the date, like the Second Coming is a moving target. Just like the millennial movements that waited for the Second Coming in 1000 CE (and others) and either projected the wrong date for the apocalypse or weren’t in the right location. Lately it’s mostly been “Repent and Be Saved…The End is Near” billboards where I live; at least they don’t have to worry about changing the date–although it is funny to see them along roads with a sign stating “No Winter Maintenance.”

      And an early Happy Anniversary, Charlie! Enjoy celebrating with your wife, even if you’re a little late because of a traffic backup on the 405 (I would say that it shouldn’t be too bad since the 21st is a Saturday, but I lived in Houston long enough to know that you can have traffic jams on all days and at all hours of the day and night).

  12. This is the funniest blog ever! This billboard reminds me of the lyrics of that song: God is great, Beer is good, and people are crazy! Did they feel that southern Cali needs a religious awakening? Is that why they are putting them up there. What have you been up to southern Cali? You heathens you! Does this mean folks are going to start holding up those signs on the side of the road like “the end is near” and such? Well then we better ask for mercy or say your prayers ya rascally wabbit!

    • Good song,but is that by Billy Currington or is it Josh Turner their voices are rather similar. Now I’ve got it in my head it’s an ear worm.

    • I don’t know what Southern Cali has been up too, but as you might imagine, those signs are quite standard in Las Vegas–yes, they’re right next to the billboards with the scantily dressed women (that is if you can use the word dressed under these circumstances).

    • We have a sign about 10 miles up the road that says “prepare to meet thy God”. It has been there for years. I didn’t know they were in Vegas as well.

  13. Haha! Make everyday like it’s your anniversary! Congratulations! My parents have been happily married for 30 years and had me a few years later, and it has been nice to know they are solid:)

  14. Congrats on your 28th wedding anniversary and I hope you and your wife have an awesome 28th wedding anniversary. Don’t forget to pray now.

  15. I read this on the internet, someone had posted it. And i was thinking: boy this is just my luck. May 21st is my 37th birthday! So I really hope you don’t disappoint Susan. Was hoping to go and see Johnny Depp at the movies. How did they come up with this date? Maybe Jesus just likes us so much that he picked our special day. Congrats by the way! That is along time. What is your secret? The fun has fallen out of mine this past year.

  16. I read this too, it was posted on the internet. How did they come up with this date? And i was thinking: oh boy this is just my luck. I surely hope not for me & you guys too. May 21st is my birthday. So i hope that their calculations are wrong. 28 years that is great. Along time. What is your secret to success? ps. Don’t be late for dinner! lol

  17. There is the traditional 4th cup of wine at the end of the Passover sedar(1st and 2nd) which will be Monday and Tuesday, April 18-19. The wine is set aside to for the prophet Elijah, who is supposed to herald the “Messiah”, and is supposed to come on Pesach to do this.
    Remember: Only Connect??

  18. Very funny Charlie (you made me laugh at the end of a long day at Uni.) but isn’t this an extroverts excuse to tell everyone the date of your wedding anniversary? (Sorry can’t resist stirring!) So, on May 21st we can all say, “Happy 28th Anniversary, Charlie & Susan”. Good PR move! I thought the world was going to end in 2012? Wouldn’t you think all the “religious groups” could get together and agree on an apocalytic date? Anyway nothing is going to happen for at least another three years – I have to finish my science degree first!
    Now I have your attention – may I go off on a slightly different tangent? I like your Conrad Hilton quote re successful people don’t quit. I would also add one of my favourite quotes from Calvin Coolidge, your 30th U.S. president, on Persistence. Just in case you don’t know it – here it is!
    “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “Press On” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

  19. Matthew 24:36~~”No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Epic Fail on this one. It’s this kind of stuff that makes Bible-believing Christians look like idiots, and that only “feeds the beast” that is already rolling its eyes and laughing. Sigh.
    There are lots of folks who say “Live each day like it’s your last”…same thing could apply here. Live each day as if Jesus is coming back today. It could be tomorrow, it could be in 100 years. But anyone who claims to ‘know’ is just denying the very Bible they are trying to encourage people to read, and making us ALL look bad in the process.
    Happy (early) Anniversary!! 28 yrs is amazing in today’s world, but especially in Hollywood! Jenny and Maddy are blessed to have such a great example to follow. The greatest thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.

    • Thank you JoAnn (ZMT). God’s word is true and His ways are holy. Thank you for standing firm in the midst of so much doubt.

      Charlie, I want to also wish you and Susan a very happy 28th wedding anniversary. You guys are a true testament to the power of love and the absolute meaning of marriage. I agree with JoAnn, your daughter’s are blessed to have such an amazing example lived before them through their parents. God bless you both with many, many more wonderful years together.

  20. I’ve seen a few of those on the east coast during my travels. Here, I’m not interpreting them as “will Charlie be late for dinner on his anniversary” (sorry), but “do I have really have to set up everything for the online class that starts on May 23”? Of course, I’ve been seeing them for a few years now, and the date keeps changing.

    As an historian, I tend to be a bit skeptical about all of the second coming billboards, etc. For example, Johannes Kelpius and the Society of the Woman in the Wilderness camped out in the Wissahickon woods outside Philadelphia in 1694 to await the second coming–and waited there until his death in 1708. William Miller expected the Second Advent to occur sometime between March 1843 and March 1844. When that didn’t work, the date changed to April 1844 then October 1844; the failure of the Second Coming on October 22, 1844 instead marked a “heavenly event” to the Millerites and led to the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. For Miller…the wait was until his death in 1849.

    So for right now, Charlie, I wouldn’t worry too much about your 28th anniversary celebration being disrupted by the Second Coming (and I get to keep preparing for my online class). Besides…isn’t the apocalypse supposed to happen in 2012?

  21. It will be vey interesting as I have a wedding to go to that day! By the way Happy Anniversary and many, many more! Your such a wonderfull person its a joy to read about you!Love ❤

    • Thanks for the link to the billboard… I see that it is referring to the radio station that is posting these billboards up.. That radio station leaves alot to be desired..
      A lot of un-truths and mis-information on there.. So I wouldn’t put to much faith in what they say or post..

    • I read the link. thanks for posting by the way. I was wondering how they concocted this particular date. The page stated that May 21st is 7, 000 years exactly after the flood. Me, Charlie & Susan just got caught up in this mania. I guess Jesus has other plans in store for us than our petty celebrating. We need to ask for Mercy of: what happened to your coming on Dec. 20, 2012? My child said, “mom what about Christmas?.” I’m thinking, should we just not go shopping? May as well shop, what good will saving money do you anyway?

      • What is this fixation always with the number 7? Seven tribes of Israel etc. and now 7,ooo years after. I guess i need to tune in to the family radio station and find out more.

  22. I’m glad to see that there is someone who sees things in perspective, I was reading the headlines families fleeing nelloYucatan
    and then a month later, Charles is also the anniversary of my 16 years of marriage beautiful but sometimes won with difficulty and therefore ‘there to celebrate by tere

  23. HAHAHA….i saw a bunch of those billboards too! Congrats btw on ur 28th anniversary, I really admire that kind of love and commitment and hope to have that one day with someone. Also, Jesus can do all the explaining he wants to ur wife, but it wont work…shes Jewish! jk…im also jewish 🙂

      • Is he really? I didn’t know that. I know that Susan is Jewish, but I didn’t know that he is. I think that is because when he did that interview on “Out Takes” someone asked about the success to the longevity of their marriage. He did some explaining of how they found someone to perform their marriage which had to do with their religion differences. I don’t remember a lot about that, but I do remember the good advice they were given and it being something we all would do well to remember. Well, I’ve learned one more thing about Charlie. I always tell my kids that it is important to learn something new everyday, once you do you can go to bed, so I think I’ll go back to bed now.

          • Well, I thought we capitalized when we were referring to charlie. Thanks for correcting me. I’ll keep that in mind when referring to him in the future. Now, I feel like a fool, but YOU know it’s not the first time. In fact, I’m kind of getting used to it. Sorry charlie. (Wait that kind of sounds like a tuna commercial. And, not that there is anything wrong with being Jewish).

            • Don’t beat yourself up. I repeatedly look like a fool. You are not alone here. I decided f it if no one likes me. Gonna be myself regardless. And maybe i am a nut. I get alot of practice being an outcast since i am a redneck woman. lol Not a popularity contest anyways, is a blog.

              • I really do realize He is Jewish, but I was thinking she meant he was Jewish. It doesn’t matter though, because I have plenty of other things to beat myself up about. But, thanks for the encouragement and support.

              • Don’t you wish sometimes that we could edit our comments so we could correct an error or add something to it so we didn’t have to make a whole new comment. Anyway, I did want to add that it actually gave me a good laugh–which is one nice thing about getting older; hopefully you learn to laugh at yourself a little more.

                • Yes, edit as well as a delete button. (the little trash can like twitter) Right, laughing is good even if it is at yourself. Never take stuff to seriously. I also suffer from foot in mouth syndrome on occasion. I think successful people are the ones who learn to bounce back quickly. Just i have not been one of those folks. Maybe because i am slow learner. Glad that you are here on the blog. You crack me up and seem like a fun person. Shame we can’t really go out to dinner with Charles & Susan. But thinking, he is so smart. What could i possibly bring to the dinner conversation? Playing in the mud and building a fire last weekend maybe. lol Is still fun being a part of this blog.

                  • Just so you know, everybody has something to bring to the conversation. I’ve stated before that I’m going to school right now studying Mathematical Sciences and Physics. I often find that some people find that intimidating. It bothers me immensely because I learn soooo much from other people. As Charlie has said, there is so much more to a person than what they do for a living and I will add and what academic and book knowledge they have. I appreciate a person’s heart more than any of that.

                    • Me too! love what’s in a persons heart . That is more appealing than brains. Also, your going to school is wonderful. That sucks that they are intimidated. PS. I love math. I used to work as a custodian. lol

                    • Jeannie, over the centuries the English and European artists have depicted Jesus as a white caucasian in their paintings. Most people forget that Jesus was Jewish. Actually after JoAnn made that comment, I had to read it twice because I wondered if Charlie had converted to Judaism! Congratulations on studying maths/physics. I’m a Uni. student too. I’m studying chemistry & biological sciences. There are 3 of us “mature age” students in our lab. class and the lecturers say we are a good influence on the younger students! Don’t worry about what other people think.

                    • Ladies, I’m so sorry to have confused the issue. It never even occurred to me that the “He” would be taken as Charlie. I should have just said “So is Jesus”.
                      And you’re right, Deb. Jesus is so often portrayed as a blond, blue-eyed baby, or a good looking, well-built man with piercing blue eyes. According to Isaiah 53:2: “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.” He was most likely a very average looking Middle Eastern Jewish man whose looks would not have drawn attention(I’m sure God did that for a reason).

                  • Oh don’t sell yourself short. You’re a very resilliant woman for everything you’ve gone through in your lifetime, and you have experiences others havent’t had so your perspective on life is just as valuable as anyone else no matter how intelligent they are. Being unique and different on a blog is what makes it interesting for others to read:)

                    • For the record: I have had 5 different mothers. Lived in 2 government housing projects. Lived in a motel for 6 months, a camper for 1yr., & been homeless on several occasions. Seen a lot of drugs, alcohol, trash plundering, domestic violence, and prostitution along the way. Paroles used to stop by my camper and ask me to piss in a cup for them. My husband tried to break up a fight and got bit by a pit bull. Needless to say we won’t be doing that again. lol We sold our camper and used the money to purchase a 77 mobile home that was scheduled to be scraped. Much Thanks to the US government’s social services or housing weatherization program. (they repaired seven holes in our trailer & 3 broken windows) After being on a 6 month waiting list. It is, a least an enclosed area with a roof. So i am not complaining. And i am consider myself in a lot better shape than a lot of folks that i know. And very fortunate to be poor in the united states or how bad would i have it? Well, that is my story in a nut shell.

  24. Well that’s a new one for me..
    Let me say first of all, Happy Anniversary to you and your wife.
    In regards to that billboard you mentioned, no one knows the day or the hour of His return. He could come back at this very moment. Or He could come back in a year from now.. no one knows…. not a soul…except the Lord God Himself. So no need to worry, but I would suggest to be ready.. should it happen that day or any other day.. One day it will happen..

  25. I know how she feel’s mine is in aug.27th 28yr’ too and my husband better not forget i don’t think he will you see i played it smart we got married two wek’s after my birthday so that way he could remember both very smart if you ask me.

  26. If you word it right, you could make it sound like you organised it especially for her. Then for the next 28 years, around this time, you could say “Honey….remember that time I got you Jesus and you just got me that tie.”

    You could make this work for you 😉

  27. LOL Wouldn’t that make for a pleasant Anniversary gift, Charlie & Susan! Both of you dining in Heaven for your 28th on streets of gold! 🙂 However, you can guarantee that if some person or billboard is claiming a specific time of Christ Jesus’ second coming, it certainly will NOT be happening on that day because….
    According to God’s Word, “Now concerning that day and hour no one knows-neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son -except the Father only” (Matthew 24:36). But with all of this Earth’s extreme “groanings” of late, I think it is a safe bet to say that the time is definitely arriving sooner than any of us can image.

  28. Well, that just won’t do…I’ve got a choir concert that week, and I’m in A NIGHT IN ELSINORE the following weekend. Wonder if He could reschedule?

  29. I never thought about that before, but while I lived in the US I do remember those signs & “prophesies” every couple of years showing up in different media sources. However now that I live in Germany, either Jesus is only returning to the States or Europeans received a private invitation to the shindig and thus there is no need to announce it. At any rate, being late for dinner won’t be the worst of your problems.

    • Yes, Jesus is only expected to make an appearance in the US so you’ll need to purchase a ticket for a front row seat. ;)! That is what i have heard. No, this just in…Okay, a selected few Europeans also. But no one else.

        • “At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory” (Matthew 24:30).

          We’ll ALL see him in the sky 😉 He’s not coming back to one nation or another, but His throne is in Israel. Hope this helps!

          • I thought he was supposed to return to Israel first? When it says we will all see Him, do you think it will be via television? It’s just so much to wrap my mind around when I read that verse.

            • It could be that way Heather..that He will return to the Temple Mount, but we will all see Him simultaneously on the tv. Personally, I think His “coming in the sky” will be seen by all, but his “landing”(for lack of a better word) will be Israel. Especially the stuff in Revelation, John was almost “watching a movie” when he was allowed to see the future…and he wrote it down based on what he knew and recognized. He talks about a giant insect that makes a loud buzz and has a poison that makes people beg for death….so is that some kind of mutant bug that we haven’t met yet, or is it a military helicopter spewing some kind of nerve gas? We just don’t know those kind of details. Even the experts who have studied the symbolism, etc can’t be 100% sure.
              Most scholars agree that the world will be in such chaos(a worldwide war zone), that it’s not like people will be going about their daily lives and “miss it”. I do hope this helps…I know enough to try to explain it, but not enough to answer your question well.

              • Not as to knock scripture. But i am wondering how Jesus will feel about all the unrest that has been going on for a long period of time in Israel when he gets back? Just can’t imagine his being happy with all this warring. but who am i to make that judgement call? Kerstin, good call on this blog (2nd coming discussion is ensuing). I do like your matthew 24 verse. kidding aside. or attempts at humor aside.

                • Thank you. And, conveniently enough there is another passage in Matthew that can answer your question about countries warring.
                  “When you hear of wars and rumor of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.” – Matthew 13: 7-8

                  All in all, I find that very unsettling….

                    • Playing devil’s advocate here. Which was a great movie by the way.. You guys sparked my interest in matthew. So i studied on it some last night. Two different translations. Thinking that this blog may get hairier. And i hate to report that it was disappointing. Talk of false messiahs pulling folks away. Persecution of believers. The only way i could see any killing of Christians in today world is maybe our troops dying in Afghanistan. Otherwise i feel that is the other way around. Christians persecuting others. Running in to the hills to hide from the masses. Being out in the fields and half of the people will be taken away and half remaining. Believers only being spared some of what is to come. Sinning of partying when the master is away. Shirking chores and being cast out into the cold. References to nursing mothers and winter time. These values and ideas are so outdated, (farming times) it makes it difficult to form a picture of this in today’s world. I did read about not knowing the day or hour. (which i am happy due to my birthday) And “all” nations will see him return. Makes me feel happier. I read about the warring and earthquakes. Which that verse is interesting. The warring is confusing to me because how is it just deemed “normal” for us to kill each other. That is one of the hardest things for me to understand. But, trumpets sounding, angels, and sitting on clouds etc. Sounds too much like reading a book as a child. Reminds me of why i stopped going to church. I like the bible and can relate mankinds morals to some of it but struggle with the logic and faith department. Some of the proverbs and stories are wonderful. It seems to me that the writer of this chapter had no inkling of the future or today’s world. Limited visions or ideas. Maybe they didn’t expect the world to last this long.

                    • And matthew 24:29 states- after those horrible days end: the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of heaven will be shaken. i can picture all of this but the stars falling out of the sky part. That just seems a tad impossible or improbable.

                    • Interestingly enough, we discussed the whole ‘stars falling from the sky’ thing in my astronomy class last year. We were discussing Venus. Venus is a planet that releases gas from the inside out, so it will have minor explosions to do so. However, those explosions keep getting bigger and bigger. My astronomy teacher said that one day, the explosions will become to much and the planet will explode from the inside out. How is this relevant? Venus is close enough to Earth that, if it were to explode, pieces of it would fall from the sky to the Earth, hence ‘stars falling from the sky.’

                  • That does make some sense then. Guess there is a possibility that that could happen. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe i am guilty of being too literal with my translating.

                    • Does makes sense that “the end” could come of some huge astronomical occurrence. But, in comparison to the other verses of: seeing the angels in the sky and the final battle etc. kinda sounds odd. Perhaps these events are not suppose to occur simultaneously.

              • Thank you JoAnn, I had often wondered while reading Revelation some of the things explained, and I have to tell you that since the events that have happened in Japan, I do go back and read Revelation again just as a reminder, because I know as a parent it’s my job to prepare my son, because we don’t know the exact when. It ends up in the back of my mind when something is happening to the earth with all of the shifting tectonic plates, hurricanes, tsunami, famine, dead birds just showing up on coasts, and there is going to be environmental effects from all of that oil spilled in the gulf that we probably don’t know about yet, but there are snowball effects.

            • First, I would like to say that my e-mail inbox has been taken over by this blog. Second, I have one comment to make (as of right now) Not sure if this has been said yet or not, and if it has I apologize.
              In regards to where He will appear first and so on:
              ” So if anyone tells you ‘There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For as lightening that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Matthew 24:26-27

        • If He isn’t going to make it across the Atlantic a few time zones, I think you can forget about Him crossing the date line. Sorry. But maybe if you ask really hard, He’ll venture south just for you 😉

        • Sarcastic joke. Hope as not to offend. Just embarrassing that certain americans seem to think they are the only ones “worthy” of going to heaven. When the kingdom of God should be open to us “all” of deemed worthy or whatever. This includes people of other faiths.

          • I think it’s more of a human trait of self-focus not solely reserved for N. Americans. It’s easy to see what’s directly associated with you with no concern or awareness for “others” until you step out into this great big beautiful world and live with eyes wide open. (And all these you’s are the nondescript, 3rd person you’s, for clarity’s sake.)

            • You are so right: Selfishness or blindness to others. Just what i have seen: everyone is seemingly going to hell but them (certain religious folks). Or our father loves us best because we are “right”.

  30. Be careful with your all-inclusive “our lord” stuff. 😉 I wouldn’t get too hyped up over things written on a billboard. But, to be on the safe side, maybe Susan could put out an extra place-setting for dinner?

  31. Well, I can’t think of anything to provoke a comment out of you on this one. I guess I’ll have to wait until your next blog. My husband better not be late for our 28th anniversary dinner either which I plan on having in Boston while we are visiting there to see a very special actor in his role as Professor Henry Higgins. (I hope)

  32. Hahaha. That actually made my night somewhat better, so thanks. Congrats on coming up on your 28th wedding anniversary! But, how come I feel like this whole thing will now end up in a discussion/debate about the 2nd coming of Jesus?? 🙂

    • Great idea Kristen. That might be fun. lol And now…Seven signs of the apocalypse. Then, the ultimate battle between good and evil.

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