Charles Shaughnessy presents COFFEY BUZZ "The Traffic Zone!"

Charles Shaughnessy, David Shaughnessy & Lissa Coffey Present COFFEY BUZZ:  THE TRAFFIC ZONE CAR GADGETS!

Here is the latest episode of Coffey Buzz: The Traffic Zone! Click on anything you see in the video that you want to learn more about or buy, then click on the thumbnails that pop up to the right to go to the proper page on the internet! It’s that easy to buy something you see you want! Didn’t catch something with a click? Pause the video THEN click! Want to watch the video full screen? Choose that option from the video menu at the bottom right!

The Traffic Zone!
In southern California, the Toyota Prius is a very popular car, especially among “Hollywood” types. Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio are just two of the stars who proudly drive this hybrid. In Southern California, we spend so much time on the road that it’s important to have a fuel-efficient car, and the Prius gets about 45 miles to a gallon of gas, so there’s not much better out there! When I first met with Charlie and David, I drove up and noticed that they each had their own Prius, so I felt an instant connection. David and I even have the same color, and the same year! We all feel strongly about the environment, and this is just one way that we can make a difference – while also saving money on gas!When we did our “Car Gadget” segment we used our own cars. David had the idea of making the opening like a Twilight Zone episode, and I think it turned out very clever! I love working with these guys, they have such a great sense of humor, and it definitely comes out in our show.

In the first part of the episode we showcase some products that help to make your commute less stressful, and more organized. In the second part, we visit a luxury car dealership, where we can dream a little bit of what life would be like in a high end vehicle. Basically, you could move right in and be quite comfortable!

Check out the show and let us know what you think. 
We love to get your comments. 

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Thanks for watching!


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