Tea among the Ruins…

I am amused by all the bleating about dysfunction in Washington, particularly as we now have exactly what half the country wanted in the last election. We, the People, elected a divided government precisely because we didn’t want anyone to get their way. We sealed the deal by electing enough Tea Party candidates to ensure gridlock. They have stated time and again that they will not settle for anything other than total victory or “death.” Anyone else see a parallel between AlQuaeda and the Tea Party? A group of idealogue fundamentalists, co-opted to wage a dirty war, who then turn on their handlers and cause untold chaos and destruction on anyone that gets in their way: and I include the leader of their own party! Let me expand on this..their dogged, commitment to a fundamental ideology will bring down our economy and do untold damage to our system of government on a parallel to 9/11. And before anyone says” yes, but without the human cost.” Let’s check back in a year or two and count the number of veterans who have succumbed to reduced care, disaster victims who have succumbed to a reduced FEMA budget, homeless and starving who have succumbed to a vastly reduced safety net, victims of asthma and bronchial conditions who have succumbed to increased pollution …the list of shame will go on and on…That is what the Tea Party stands for and that is who we handed the reins of power to.

cred text (see: US Constitution) in the most perverse ways to further their creed….

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  1. @Lily: Okay then! And I hope you get to go to a show soon! Have only been to one but hope to go to more in the future. Had a wonderful time at My Fair Lady and the hanging out with some the other fans. Boston was a wonderful city, loved it lots! Want to go again and take the rest of my family. Picking is alright, pretty sure he can handle it. Maybe i am taking some stuff to personally. Thanks for replying. Glad to have you here! Peace!

  2. I just now came back to this page today and saw Skat35 and Jeannie's replies.Skat35. Of course Charles remembers you when you go to his shows. My impression is he is very gracious indeed. And you are very lucky that you can go. I wish I could but he is always too far away for me to travel. If he ever comes to or near Nevada to perform, I will be there. Also Skat35, it was Charles I was referring to when I made the comment about the SyFi Channel in relation to his comment about "stardust" or "pixie dust" (or whatever) being the closest he has ever come to religion. He put the subject on the table by bringing up the shooter in Norway as being christian" and that got the ball rolling. Whatever the case may be with Charles' spirituality, though, it does not diminish the amount of respect I have for him or how much I like him. (And that is a whole lot!) And if you look back, I followed up my post about the SyFy Channel (and him being intimidated by religion) with the comment that I hope he has a sense of humor; which I believe he does. And, Jeannie. So glad you commented. I am glad you were not upset. It just appeared that way. Makes me feel a whole lot better.The problem with this blogging thing is that we cannot see one another's faces, hear tone of voice, etc. That is a real help in a conversation.I'm glad we are at peace. Take care, everyone.

  3. @LilyActually, Lily, I was not angry at any point in the conversation. I only felt that I wanted to correct any misconception of my motive behind my comments. There was a point when I felt unfairly beaten down, but angry, no! I guess you can say that I have just had to learn to stand up for myself.

  4. @Lily Maybe i got my spirituality from the syfy channel, paganism, philosophy, the internet, looking up at the stars or the movie avatar. Wherever? Not speaking for Charlie here, speaking for me. However, i have reason to believe from reading some of his blogs comments that he may agree somewhat on the matter. Call me egotistical but i know i am not the least bit intimidated by you all's beliefs and ideas. If Most Christians would practice as they preach then perhaps i might fell some differently on the matter.

  5. Maybe this is not my place to add but, @jeannie i really do think Charlie will remember your name for more than a week. Seems he does a pretty job at remembering us when we go to his shows. Great blog everyone!

  6. I just got the character limit deal but I have to finish this or it will haunt me. Jeannie, your last post sounded like you were more than a little upset. You sounded downright angry. It really saddens me that I apparently caused that. In the future I will choose my words more carefully. I only wish you well, Jeannie. I noticed this morning Charles posted a new blog subject. Good! I hope we can just move on. This one has become somewhat depressing.P.S. Diane, you were very smart to stay out of this one.

  7. I came home late last night and checked for any new discussions. I did not expect that I would be part of the discussion.Jeannie, I apologize profusely for apparently having offended you. I immediately went back to my August 3rd post to find out what I said exactly. (It has been over 24 hours since that post and my memory fails me). You are half right. However, if you go to Diane's August 2nd post, you will see where my response came from. Diane said you and Charles do not like to be wrong when you have the facts in front of you and she used the words "them against us." Now, I am not blaming Diane for anything. Nothing was her fault. It was MY interpretation of what she said that caused the problem. I was making it clear in a general way that when I comment, it will not be so I am just in agreement with someone, etc. I did not mean to single you out. The wording and timing were not the best. Also, you are very intelligent. But are you implying I feel you are "star struck" or unrealistic. No way. It never crossed my mind. Also, Christmas is a sacred holiday for those of us who keep it that way. I am very glad you found Charles' site to vent and that has helped you. Charles seems like a descent guy. A charitable individual, family man and a fine actor. I am here because after looking at different sites, this one offered freedom of expression and posting without any profanity or meanness from its bloggers.

  8. Some folks ideas toward Christmas = Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men! What could be so WRONG with that? That in its self is a GOOD reason to celebrate. Okay enough Blog Hogging from me.

  9. Perhaps is called Christmas as in Chris Kringle? Bad joke! That would be neat if we could debate in a big room or somehow all Skype together at the same time. But we'd probably all have so much to say that no one person would be able to get a word in edgewise. One giant argument wouldn't help accomplish much. We'd have to all take turns with the microphone. Have a nice time with mum! Would like to take a break from this heat. It is so hot that i went in the mall to school shop and my tire had some dry rot or cracks in it and the hot asphalt cracked a hole in my tire and flattened it. Pretty wild. @RJ Enjoyed your comment as usual!

  10. Okay, Charlie, since you opened the door…why stop at days of the week? Why not ask why we don’t spend March worshipping Mars (god of war)? (Apparently we don't in the United States, because no wars have been started in March; most started in April.) Sometimes, I think the Quakers had it right in referring to the days as 1st day, 2nd day, etc. (and months as 1st month, 2nd month, etc.) in their records instead of the common names used.

  11. @Lily and Roxana~I'm sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't talking about Christians complaining…I was talking about the rest of the people who celebrate "Christmas" even though they don't believe He's the Messiah, or that the Bible story is true! And now we've come to a place where having a Nativity scene on public grounds is "offensive", so they put up a Santa dirigible next to a Menorah! Somehow it's ok to put up a symbol of the Biblical Miracle of the Hannukah Story, but not the Biblical Miracle of the Nativity? And I'm not blaming the Jews..please don't think that! I love the Hannukah story, and think the Menorah belongs there. I just don't get why one Bible story is "ok" and the other isn't? And that's what I meant about the "myth of Allah" Roxy. The secular world WANTS to be a part of Christmas, so they join in and complain about the religious aspect. Yet, they would NEVER think of celebrating Passover or Ramadan in a 'secular' way, and insist that the religious part was "offensive" or a fable. Did I just make that clear as mud? ;o) And perhaps Christmas SHOULDN'T be a federal holiday. It should be kept sacred like the Jewish and Muslim days are. And people who don't want to celebrate the Messiah's birth, can celebrate Yule instead(I know several people who do that, and I admire them for it). But it may be too late for that..we've had centuries of family traditions, etc, built around the celebration of Christmas, and you can't force people to give that up. But at least accept that YOU'RE the one CHOOSING to celebrate a holiday that you don't really believe and don't whine that you're offended by the Bible stories.

  12. I was more than willing to listen to the political opinions of my peers without debate, but what I was not willing to do was listen to them call another person evil because of his political persuasion or party. Republicans are not righteous and Democrats evil! Sadly, most of my peers could not accept that reality! Interestingly, Christians often feel that they are discriminated against. I am certain that sometimes this is true. There are those who just do not like Christians and never will no matter what Christians do. However, I think often what Christians do not realize is that they discriminate against non-Christians. Think about it! It is true! That is why some have a problem with Christians. It is not because they have a disdain for religion. It is because of the way religious people often choose to display their beliefs. Again, I am not saying that this is why all those who do not like Christians have formed such an opinion. It obviously is not! I am just saying that this could probably be true in many cases. Perhaps sometimes it would do us good to listen to what could be constructive criticism without assuming that it is coming from a disdain for religion.Is this about Charlie liking me? Hardly! Do I respect Charlie? Yes, but I am not about to put my neck on the line for someone who probably will not even remember my name next week—perhaps not even tomorrow. Above anything else, I am realistic!

  13. O.K. So I lied! I decided to make another comment.Last night I noticed Charlie had made another comment. When I came on to look at it, I reread a couple of other comments. Something stuck out to me that apparently I had missed before. I had to address it because it is personal. It deals with Lily’s August 3 comment made at 11:31. In the first paragraph after assuring me that I was not given a compliment, she said, “I am not on here to be ‘liked’.” I guess I am slow, because the first time I read this I did not quite get it. ‘She’ was not on here to be liked. Then it came to me. Her implication was that I WAS on here to be liked. I found that very interesting because I really have not been feeling too much love on this discussion. Now remember I’m a little slow, so it took a minute for me to process this. It finally dawned on me that she was referring to being liked by Charlie. Really! Do my thoughts in anyway sound like they are not my own? I guess it is time to share another experience.In some of my previous comments I have stated that my family went through some very difficult challenges because of treatment by others due to my political persuasion. You may think, “Well how hard could it have been considering it was only about politics?” I can only say that it was VERY difficult. I cannot explain why. I wish I could, but there are reasons that I cannot tell you what happened. The irony is that if I did tell you, you would understand why I feel I should not tell you—catch 22, I suppose. It had been so heartbreaking to me that I went into a deep depression. Last fall I finally came to a point where the only thing I could do was physically go to school (I was finishing up my degree), come home, and fall on my bed. I could barely do homework. I did not function around my house. I did not interact with anyone. One thing I did do was watch “The Nanny”. I LOVED it. It made me laugh. It was my one solace, an escape from the world.Well, since I was not doing much of anything else, I began surfing the Internet. I began looking around to see what some of the actors from ‘The Nanny’ were currently doing. I stumbled upon Charles’ blog and began reading. I did not read many of the comments, but I did read several of his posts. I saw a kindhearted person who really seemed to care about his fellowmen. I found that his political philosophy was just like mine. I was intrigued and that is why I decided to follow him. It certainly was not because I was star struck, although I am a fan that loves to see him act and was thrilled to see him in ‘My Fair Lady’. I began to follow him on Facebook, but it was his blog that really captured my attention. Because of his philosophies, I felt like it might be a place for me to come to find some likeminded people. It had been a long time since I had had an opportunity to truly be myself wherein my ideas were concerned. Let me assure you that one is not popular with her peers when she is a Christian Democrat. No, I was not pushing my views on other people, so my lack of acceptance was not due to being too outspoken. I did, however, have my limits.(cont.)

  14. Seeing my mum in England for a week, so bit hard to blog or answer questions. Boy, I wish I could just do this in a large room with you all. I have just too much to say to some of you. Respect your opinions and all, but you are just mistaken on a lot of stuff. Dipping into the grab bag….if Christmas is about Christ because his name is there, why not spend Wednesday worshipping Wotan, or Thursday worshipping Thor?

  15. Christmas has been hijacked by commercialism just like the Easter Bunny! To what myth are you referring? didn't understand that final line Jo. Are you being sarcastic about not be able to mention Allah? But i do agree some folks celebrate Christmas regardless of meaning or saying Merry Christmas. You don't have to buy presents to celebrate either. @nanabev Sweet comment there. Thx! Agree with Karen: Charlie has been quite talkative on these blogs (politics lights his fire) which has been cool! Have to admit has been a hairy blog. This subject matter, hard hitting.

  16. Christmas has been hijacked by commercialism just like the Easter Bunny! To what myth are you referring? didn't understand that final line Jo. Are you being sarcastic about not be able to mention Allah? But i do agree some folks celebrate Christmas regardless of meaning or saying Merry Christmas. You don't have to buy presents to celebrate either. @nanabev Sweet comment there. Thx! Agree with Karen: Charlie has been quite talkative on these blogs (politics lights his fire) which has been cool! Have to admit has been a hairy blog. This subject matter, hard hitting.

  17. So here is the issue-my understanding was that the Dems compromised because they feared that if they did not the US would default on loans and cause another recession in the US and worldwide creating a severe economic crisis. So today the stock market in the US plunged 513 points biggest drop since Oct. 2008 and all the markets in the world came tumbling down too! We will have to see what happens tomorrow- was this just a blip or a correction as finance folks call it, or is it a start of another global recession. Guess I am still angry and disappointed that the Dems were being held 'hostage' by the right/republicans/tea party,and felt they had to compromise more than most of them wanted to, but they did it supposedly for financial stability and the greater good. Paul Krugman, wrote a commentary the other day that he would not have voted for the Republican package just for financial stability because it was not going to help the economy anymore. He seem to predict that even with a compromise what happened to day was going to happen as we need to be looking at other measures to move the economy forward (raising revenue and spending on job creation, etc)- all not in the bill that passed.

  18. I am sorry Jeannie if I hurt your feelings. I get so carried away sometimes. You are right about people's circumstances. Let me tell you. My brother's son passed away last year from a car accident. He was 22 years old. My brother has been unemployed, divorced and lost his house last week. I do everything possible I can to help him. How do you help someone who has a broken heart? One day he asked me if he could go to church with me, that was 6 mos. ago. Now he tells me his favorite day of the week is Sunday. God is helping my brother heal and to function every day. So when people have an issues with religion it hit too close to home. I don't know how he would have survived without faith. My co-worker is quitting so I have to re-train some one new. I was suppose to re-start nursing school in the fall but with my brother circumstances and the intense studying that it takes to pass these courses, I chose not to return. I can't even go back to the hospital because all I can see is my nephew's face and feel all that sadness again. So if I have offended anyone including Karen or Charles I am truly sorry for that. I am doing the best I can and promise to try a little harder to watch my words so they won't become so cruel.

  19. Wow, I did not think it would come to this. JoAnn – you are right and you are wrong. When Christmas is celebrated in this country, Jesus is who they are recognizing. No one (or very few like yourself maybe) is even thinking about what happened 700 or so years before Jesus' birth. That is just the reality of it. Yes, Christmas has become commercialized. People have allowed this to happen but that does not change the meaning of the holiday in this country. And actually, I think you have it backwards on who is doing the complaining out there about saying "Merry Christmas" or mentioning Jesus. Its not the christians, its the nonchristians -the jews, atheists, etc. They all want "equal time" so to speak. As far as Hannukah is concerned, if it were not for Christmas, most people would probably not even know what Hannukah is. Christmas has brought all of the attention to the month of December. And that goes for Kwanzaa, too whatever that is). There are maybe 5 people in the whole country who celebrate Kwanzaa. O.K. I'm over exaggerating but you get my point. And there is no need to envy someone else's holiday if you embrace your own and YOU keep it holy for yourself and your family.And I never complained Charles does not personally reply to everyone's questions. Frankly, I do not expect him to – I'm sure he has a life that keeps him busy. I said he seems to avoid some tough questions. He has his favorite subjects and religion is certainly not one of them. He appears to take the easier road. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but I would be intimidated, too, if I got my spirituality off the sci-fi channel. Gee, I hope Charles has a sense of humor.

  20. Diane, I really don't think at this point that "celebrating Christmas" has anything to do with believing in Jesus as the Christ…sad as that may sound. It has been completely hijacked by secularism(and I suspect Jeannie would agree with us on that point). It makes logical sense to *us* that Christ means "The long awaited Messiah" and "mas(s)means birth", therefore Christmas is the celebration of the Birth of the Messiah. Doesn't help that people think that Christ is Jesus' name, not his 'title', and they're just celebrating the birthday of Jesus, that wonderful teacher. It defies logic for me too, that people would celebrate C-mas yet complain about mentioning Jesus, or a creche, or saying Merry Christmas. I envy the other faiths whose holidays are kept sacred. Never have heard anyone say "Hannukah is fun with 8 days of gifts, so I want to celebrate it but can we leave that offensive oil miracle out of it?" or "Ramaddan sounds nice, a great way to search yourself and work on improving…but don't bring up that Allah or Mohammed guy, but c'mon people you know it's a myth".

  21. I meant to say that Charlie doesn't comment this MUCH (instead of this month–obviously that's not the case, since he did post a comment on Tuesday). I really shouldn't try typing comments at 6 a.m.

  22. @Lily and Jeannie: My comment about Christmas being a federal holiday appeared on the "Black and White or Both" blog post, so I'm not going to repeat it here.Regarding Charlie not being a more active participant (and not answering all of our questions): First, I want to thank Charlie for being as active in these blogs as he has been. For those of you who are relatively new to participating in Charlie's blogs, he usually doesn't comment this month–so I do appreciate it that he has taken the time to join in the conversation. Plus, we have asked him a lot of questions; we should give him time to think about how he wants to answer them so we don't go after him for his response. He said in the last iBlog that his family was coming home; let him spend some time with his family before we start badgering him too much.

  23. After I wrote the above comment, I did some things around the house and then I went to bed. As I lay there, I was pondering how we learn about each other’s beliefs and then we think that we know one another. We decide right then and there if a person is right or wrong, good or bad. The truth of the matter, though, is that none of us know each other. When I say none of us, I am not talking just about those on this blog, but of all human kind. We do not know what has brought each one to their beliefs or what their individual journey has been. I thought about how none of you know me. You do not know what pains I have suffered nor what burdens I have borne. You do not know why I believe the way I do, but then it occurred to me that the reverse is also true. I do not know what has brought each of you to your place in life. I do not know why each of you feels so strongly about your position. Although I cannot, will not, apologize for my beliefs nor the positions I hold, I do apologize for any hurt feelings I may have caused any of you due to my lack of understanding of your life’s journey. Unfortunately, that is all I have to offer.

  24. My kids always tell me I'm not funny. I tell them that is because you assume I am trying to entertain you. I'm not. This is about entertaining me and I think I'm funny, therefore I am funny. Well, I choose to take it as a compliment to be grouped with Charlie. Therefore, it is a compliment. If it makes Diane feel better to consider it a criticism then that is what she should consider it to be. But, I must add, I really do hope it makes her feel better. I mean that sincerely, because if it truly makes someone feel better, I will be happy to be their punching bag. I admit that I was sarcastic in my comment which referred to Mike Huckabee, but other than that, I was not rude in the slightest. I only offered a different way of looking at things. I wonder, Diane, why you didn't direct your comments regarding Christmas to Karen. I believe she was the one who first brought up that this was not a Christian nation as well as explaining better than I why Christmas being a national holiday is not sufficient proof to justify making it such. I will no longer continue this conversation because to tell you the truth, it brings a very bad feeling into my heart. A feeling that I choose to begin to reject as of now.

  25. WOW–I "tuned in" to this blog rather late-I am bedazzled by the intelligent,thoughtful, and discerning comments in response to Charlie's blog. If only everyone was as well informed as all of you seem to be, our country would probably not be in the situation it is in now. As I've said before,Charlie always makes us think. Keep it up all of you!

  26. Oh brother again. @Diane OMG! I don't think speaking to Jeannie as though she is a child is the right thing to do. Considering she is a extremely intelligent college grad and a mathematician. You refreshed a memory of a friend of mine having the audacity to tell me since i now converted to agnosticism, i am no longer allowed to celebrate Christmas. Well before i could think of a reply. I told her i can celebrate any damn holiday i choose and there is nothing she can do about it. Hardy har har! Perhaps childish thing to say but made me feel better. In this case, Jeannie is a Christian same as you. Sad fact that sometimes people can turn on their own. OH Will the irony just ever cease? I needs me a beer or a trip to Margarita-ville! To bad is a weeknight. You know, all these years never realized that Christ was in the word Christmas. Thanks for pointing that out. Even though i (and Jeannie currently) used to attend church regularly for oh about 13 years straight but that does not seem to qualify me to celebrate Christmas anymore i reckon. Can just feel the love! Did i mention i have been baptized? But what does all that matter anymore i am a heathen nowadays? Thanks for the reminder, i need a kick now and then to help me stay the cause.

  27. Maybe there is just no way around it, that this is a Christian nation? We shall see i guess. As much as i don't want it to be or as Karen stated: was not suppose to be. I feel (which i can't take credit for because i heard it on you tube) that the founding fathers tried to keep religion out of government and it has somehow crept in through a side door, Ironically. I believe (and yes i am into conspiracy theory's) for some reason or another the government allowed this or perhaps just looked the other way to some extent. Call me crazy but seems they could have put a stop to it. And if this is how it plays out for America (and i hope not). Well the majorities will have spoken. Not Indiana Jones and can't stop a steaming locomotive. But going to hang on to the side until i have no choice but to jump off. It doesn't seem right as for Foundation of America. But i try to believe in destiny and she shall reveal herself. Then: lead, follow or get the hell out of the way = well said quote. Sounds good anyway.

  28. Lets try to explain again Jeannie. Christmas- Christ is in Christmas. So if you celebrate Christmas than chances are likely you are Christian or in the past you were a Christian. Now if you want to celebrate X-mas than that is non secular. You try to change words and ideas to fit what you think is right. But Christmas is Christmas- A Christian holiday. Also I wasn't a complimenting you and I believe Lilly answered that very well for me. Enough said.

  29. And yes, Lily, I am sure it was not meant as a compliment, but I do have a sense of humor and I choose to take it as a compliment. I only hope Charlie feels it would be a compliment to be grouped with me.

  30. For some reason when Charlie approved that last group of comments, they did not all show up together. Therefore, I saw Lily’s comment about being from Nevada before I saw the one about her question not being answered regarding Christmas.When I say that this nation is not a Christian nation, I am doing so from the same perspective that Karen comes from, which is that there is nothing in the Constitution stating that we are such. Although the majority of U.S. citizens may be Christian, we believe in the separation of church and state. I have heard different interpretations of this throughout the years, but I believe it means that each citizen has the right to worship how he/she chooses and that it is not to be dictated by the government. Karen you can teach us more about this. In fact, I will just turn the question over to Karen. I am sure she can do a much better job answering it than I can, but I will say that in my opinion because the majority of people were Christian, Christmas was declared a national holiday. It has become not only a religious holiday, but a traditional holiday as well where many people celebrate from a purely secular point of view. This, along with the economic implications attached thereto, would make it very difficult to change.

  31. Charlie where are you??? Seems as though maybe he doesn't have anything to say or maybe Jeannie is going to do it for him. Its all good. I don't dislike anyone for having a different view than myself but then back up what you say. Just as Joann backed up what she said with Jeannie. Joann did her homework and did not get bogged down by the liberal media crap. When you are able to realize that the liberal media is just saying what the people want to hear than you realize how one-sided they are. Also I think people are pissed at Fox News because this new station refuses to listen to the liberals and that pisses them off. When you get pissed at someone you will do what it takes to discredit them. That is what is going on here. Such as the Tea Party. Liberal news blew that situations out of proportion because they are threatened by the fact that the people of this country may actually be listening to them. Now we can't have that going on because we need the liberals to tell us how to think and feel. Please!!! Sorry that's not me. My thinking and beliefs comes from the bible. When I look at the big pic the Dems just don't have the same ideals and morals I have. I personally think that all of theses politicians are ruining our good country. We the people need to band together and take our country back from the greedy and crooked politicians. If we don't we soon won't have a country left. Even China has down graded our credit. This is not a good sign.

  32. Thanks for commenting back Jo! Understanding better. The folks i had been listening to were saying it was Obama then they are unsure. Must admit is a very interesting subject. Will be interesting to see how things in the future play out. If we are still here as you stated. Sorry for accusing you. I admire you, can always count on you to be my main debater! :)! What would Tom be without Jerry? Sorry, i have a 5 yr old, watch many cartoons And i hear what you guys are saying about Christmas a national holiday. Why are all presidents professing Christians? Idk why! Is it written in job description? Okay bad joke! Traditional i reckon like Thanksgiving. And Jeannie does has a big & good since of humor. Her blog subscriber here. Hey put us here in The House all together we would go to town and round and round huh ladies?

  33. Yes, Lily. That is why Senator Reid won, but I think all of Sharon Angle’s statements to which you referred showed exactly how extreme she is. I believe that although the people on one hand liked all the promises and the rhetoric that the Tea Party was offering, they on the other were able to recognize that they could not risk the extremes that were evident by the outlandish statements of Sharon Angle. I also believe that great orators are able to persuade people on both sides. It is not just Obama who has this gift and certainly the left does not hold a monopoly on people who have been swayed by such. Let’s see, the right has Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, et al, who seem to have a great hold and appeal over their listeners. Is it possible that an anti-Christ could intentionally deceive many by pretending to actually serve Christ? I, personally, feel that this is very feasible. It is easy to follow one that seems to walk the walk but whom we may be unaware has only his/her self-interest at heart.For the record, as I stated in a previous comment, I am not opposed to people using the values they gain from their religion in deciding political matters. After all, our political persuasion and our chosen religion are both part of our value system. I believe anyone who expects others to disregard those values is being unrealistic. I do have a problem, however, when religion extends to politics in general. For instance, it goes contrary to my personal value system to believe that one has to be Republican and Christian to be of value to the political process or for that matter to be of value in any way. I also find it difficult to accept that from a political standpoint many want to enforce that we, as a nation, should worship God. It seems to infringe upon that free will that Republicans insist is their right when it is used to their benefit—you know like we should not be forced to provide for the needy. It seems to me that many want free will when applied to their freedom but want to withhold it if it does not fit their agenda. It just seems contradictory.This will probably be my last comment on this topic. I can’t promise that it will, but my life does seem to be asking for attention to other matters. I look forward to more blogs Charlie. I know you probably can’t continue at last weeks rate, but I hope there is not too long of a drought. On the other hand, if you are busy and happy then that is more important.

  34. I really meant to comment on another subject with my last post but I got distracted.Jeannie, I am from Nevada, too. The reason Harry Reid was re-elected was because his opponent was "out there." Don't you remember how Sharron Angle started out strong but everytime she spoke the more bizarre she sounded? That is why Senator Reid won.With respect to the debt ceiling. I am an eternal optimist. I never seriously felt the debt ceiling would not be raised. It was mainly a farce that put Americans through a lot of stress – one side trying to make the other look bad.As far as President Obama. He gets some of my sympathy. If he did not compromise, he would be called uncooperative. By compromising he is called weak. No way for him to win there. He is a great campaigner, though – very eloquent speaker and he can get your hopes up. Right after he won the election one of his speeches actually gave me a lump in my throat and I did not even vote for him!People voted for him to fix the economy but he put a tremendous amount of effort into healthcare reform which most Americans did not want. Lets not even talk about the dollars spent on bailouts. Almost three years later, he is still blaming Bush. When is he going to actually do something that will HELP the economy? Probably not until just before the 2012 election. Then he will perform a miracle. Oops, used the word miracle here – cannot do that on this site as it may be interpreted as religious – God forbid! Oops, used the name God! My bad!

  35. @Roxana It says in Scripture: "For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect–IF THAT WERE POSSIBLE"(Mark 13:22 capitals mine). Christians WILL recognize the Antichrist, if not at the very beginning, they'll catch on soon enough when they are commanded to denounce Christ or suffer. If I am around at the time, I will be suffering…but only temporarily ;). There will be many who take "the mark of the Beast" rather than suffer, which will separate the wheat from the chaff. As for the AC himself, no it is not Obama. The AC will come out of Eastern Europe(probably one of the former Soviet bloc nations..one of the 'stans), and be a small politician who wows the world with his promises, his rhetoric, his big ideas. It's thought that he will probably be a UN Ambassador. There will be some crisis or conflict, and he will be the 'big hero'. The world will think he's just amazing, and want him to "lead us all"..which will lead to the one-world government that is already in the hopper. The world will be the best it's ever been for 3 yrs, then the SHTF. His true colors will come out, and he'll rule with terror and intimidation, so that even his minions are terrified and do his bidding to save their own lives. There have been false antichrists since day one, but there will be more and more as the time nears. Hitler was probably the most obvious one…wowing the masses with his charisma, his speeches, his ability to harness the anger against a scapegoat, etc. Then it got to be too late. The reason people saw "some concerns" about the AC with Obama was that same charisma and fancy speeches with promises of hope and change, and it's not fair, and I have a plan to make it better so come join the movement. I think the strangest part was when Obama was campaigning in Germany during the primaries…with gigantic posters of his face, and swooning crowds. We heard people around the world telling us that we HAD to vote for him, because he was the only hope to save our planet!!! It was eerie, but it died down once the novelty wore off. But I'll admit, it gave me chills at the time, to see how easily people could be whipped up into a frenzy over a speech and some big promises.

  36. @Jeannie..then we are similar, because I watch Good Morning America, and check the stories on both Hannity's message board(diverse political community) and on Huffington Post. I do strongly disagree though, that MSNBC has "some" liberal programming! You know how Charlie referred to Fox as "Fix News"(aka Faux News, Fox Noise)? We call that channel "Marxist Socialist News by Communists". Chris Matthews alone makes it an uber-lib mouthpiece, to say nothing of Rachel Maddow. I've seen clips of Matthews being "giddy"(leg tingly) more times than I've ever wanted. I did google "who said the Republicans got 98% of what they wanted?" because it sure isn't true from what I'm reading! And the google result is an interview with John Boehner, who said "*I* got 98% of everything *I* wanted". It's been misquoted all over the media outlets. Considering that almost all Republican websites are furious with Boehner right now, I'm really happy for him that he got what *he* wanted.(sarcasm off). I do love reading your replies here, because you explain your points AND you come back and answer questions that are directed toward you. We're all more alike than we are different.

  37. I agree with Diane and Karen on certain issues/comments being ignored by Charles and other liberals on this blog. Jeannie, I am not sure that Diane meant that as a compliment but its nice to see you have a sense of humor. Being grouped with someone who will not debate because they do not want to admit they are wrong or who will try to avoid a question or particular subject is not something I would care for. I am not here to be "liked."Example: On the blog "Black and White or Both", where I stated Christmas is a christian holiday and the federal government closes down (how that conflicts with the theory that we are not a christian nation). That was completely ignored by the doubters, nonbelievers and liberals who blog on this site. It amazed me – not even a "you are right" with the exception of Diane. By the way, thank you, Diane. I can only come to the conclusion that when some people find themselves without an answer to support their view on a subject, any subject – not just religion – they just turn their heads and go on to the next blog. Not a whole lot of integrity in that. P.S. Don't misunderstand, Jeannie, I think your pretty cool and have learned a lot from reading your blogs.

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