Anyone for Tea?…

This is a re-post of Charles Shaughnessy’s original blog Anyone for Tea?…. on Blogspot.  To participate in the discussion with Charlie and other fans, you can find their comments here : Comments on this blog posting (also posted below this blog imported from Blogspot)

Anyone for Tea?…

Well, they did it. Before anyone accuses me of playing the “blame game,” I am again merely asking that responsibility be acknowledged. Anyway, its really unnecessary as that small band of ruthlessly dedicated fundamentalists are celebrating their David and Goliath feat. Their unswerving faith and adherence to their cause has demonstrated to the world how seriously they need to be taken. Once again a pillar of our financial institutions lies in smoking ruins. The irony, of course, is that their martyrdom is irrelevant as their avowed aversion to revenue hikes in our budget, the very principle with which they and their Right Wing conspirators, brought about this tragedy, is moot. China has said that she must insist we include them in our budget. Now, instead of doing the logical thing and finding a reasonable compromise ( the very one suggested by our President,) in a timely and independent manner, this once great nation must bow its knee to the whim of another and when asked to jump, must reply, how high? The Right has been consistently saying over the last few weeks that the Left have been using ” scare tactics” and that all of this is no big deal. I hope they are right. I am simply concerned that with our global reputation downgraded for the first time in history, there will be severe consequences, and that we will begin to count the very real human cost in the lives of the needy for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Anyone for Tea?…

  1. Charles, I should have just watched “The Nanny” and gone by. But no. Decided to watch re-runs and so thrilled that I could see Fran D and you in her new “HD” show. Juiced up even more to follow you on Twitter.

    Death is gonna come knocking at people’s doors this year (2011) in a sudden way. You will witness this. At that point, all the ramblings & social stances that one took would go to the grave as well. It is still not too late for you to pick a Bible and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to become Lord of your life – He brought salvation to you and all mankind so that in the hour of death, one can fly into His arms – safe, away from hell’s fires.

    As your ardent fan, I request you to give one chance to the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t look at the Christians & be disheartened. Look at the Saviour Who nailed to the Cross all of your sins/ failures.


  2. You cannot leave this at the feet of the TEA party..
    They did not spend like a drunken sailor and put our country in so much debt. If we are in ruins, its because of “o”s spending and borrowing from China.. Not to mention the cost of “obamacare”.. We just cant afford bailing out the banks, the car companies, other countries (not to mention that they hate us).. that also don’t pay back their loans..
    This nightmare is “o”s.. No one else.. Not Bush’s… Not Reagan’s, or anyone else’s.. I believe that he is purposely wreaking our country, in every way possible. He didn’t go to congress in regards to Libya, and the money that it is costing us.. He’s by passed the congress over a number of issues’.. Since when was he crowned king?? He’s out spent every other president in American history. So to get back to the TEA party, you should be thankful for them.. They are not just against the Dem’s. They are also keeping their eye on the Rep’s too.. Both have been very disappointing. I might add. I don’t know where our future will take us, but if there wasn’t as much evil in Washington, there would be no need for the TEA party.

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