Sneak Peeks of Fran Drescher & Charles Shaughnessy on Happily Divorced Season Finale!

Here are THREE Sneak Peeks of Fran Drescher & Charles Shaughnessy on the Season Finale of Happily Divorced on TV Land Wednesday, August 17th 10:30 pm!

You will have to watch the show to find out why Charles Shaughnessy says “Both!!”


9 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks of Fran Drescher & Charles Shaughnessy on Happily Divorced Season Finale!

  1. So anxious for Wed to get here. I am sure you both had a wonderful time working together again. Maybe a recurring role?? It is going to be grand seeing you together again.

  2. Am I the only person who has noticed that, in the last video (the one where Fran mentions Niles, CC, and the three kids), Fran overlooks the twins? Or was the 6th season just a dream, like Bobby dying on "Dallas," and "The Nanny" ended with Fran falling overboard and Maxwell diving in to rescue her?Anyway, I LOVE the "he's both" clip, and I, too, am looking forward to seeing this episode.

  3. Cannot wait to see this. I always love watching you act no matter what you do, but this looks like delicious fun! Thanks for putting the sneak peaks on and I love the interviews also.

  4. LOVED the sneak peaks. Thanks for posting. Perks of blog! Can't wait for WED to be here. Dream coming true times 3 (living with Fran & tawk show). So great to see you guys acting together. Is very funny and you guys are cute together. Just like old times. You guys both look great. Fran is up to old tricks of trying to get a date. Can"t wait till chat. I was on Fran's and John M Higgins was fun. Is a great show. Loved the part about the three kids and Miles and CC. When i watched you guys on the Tawk show, i couldn't stop smiling. So happy for you that you guys had fun reuniting again. Hope rating go through the roof. Luck to you and in future endeavors too. Would it be too much to hope for another Nanny tv show down road with you and Franny?

  5. this is lauren….im in love with the third video 🙂 btw…im surprised that they put the "hes both" part in a commercial because when i was in the audience, that was the best surprise of the whole show.

  6. That "he's both" clip is absolutely hysterical. Such genius casting, and a way to break out of the "Charlie and Fran as a couple forever" mode. I'm so looking forward to seeing this episode, it's so obvious that you are having a blast in the role.

  7. Can't wait…looks like it will be fun to watch. Great to see you and Fran back together. Now if we could only get you reunited with Patsy Pease for even just a little while. Love you Charlie!

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