Charles Shaughnessy Blog: A frog’s fate…

While we Americans continue our devoted worship at the altar of big business as evidenced by the dogged defence of the G.W. tax cuts and championing of businessmen like Romney, Turner, Perry et al.,  the middle class continues to shrink at an alarming rate. Poverty is now at a level not seen since 1997 and middle class Americans are slipping out of jobs, houses and solvency faster then ever. The irony is that this dwindling middle class represents the very same people who are hastening their own demise by supporting the very policies and politicians who have taken a vow that the middle class is merely collateral damage in their crusade for wealth and power! If you drop a frog into boiling water it will leap out of the pot. If you drop a frog into warm water and slowly raise the temperature until it reaches boiling point, the frog will never notice the difference and boil to death. The way we are headed, I reckon we will have reached that critical point by November 2012.

Let me be straight with you. These are NOT Republicans: real Republicans recognize the need for a healthy and prosperous middle-class. I share some of their agenda. Self-determination is an integral part of the American dream….but THESE people  are a new and dangerous breed of neo-Conservative that has been weaned on the message of Ayn Rand and Orwell’s prophetic, but cynical”1984″. They only sees winners and losers in the great game of life. As a good liberal friend of mine said recently:    ” Forget caring about anyone else: just focus on getting rich quick, ‘cos that’s all that’s going to be important when these guys get into power.” So long, America…it’s been good to know ya!


Charles Shaughnessy Blog: I should have guessed…

Despite holding the country to ransom by refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless the Dems promised not to add revenues by letting tax cuts on the top 1% lapse, these same people are threatening to block the President’s plan to allow short term tax cuts on their beloved corporations in order to stimulate a stalled economy. The quid pro quo is obvious: tax breaks for companies means more hirings i.e.  means more jobs – more jobs means less unemployment- it also means more people working ( that’s what happens when you have less unemployment,) – more people working means more taxes paid into the coffers AND more people able to buy stuff ( which stimulates commerce, ergo the economy,) which means a healthier economy all round- which means more tax revenue – which can start to pay off the debt –  sounds like a plan to me. But oh, no! not if it means the economy might start to recover!!! That might make Obama look good before the next election! So, once again, the “loyal” opposition will obstruct the plan because their own avowed agenda is more important, more relevant, more sacred than the welfare of the American people. He’s giving these Republicans everything they want ( to the fury of his own party,) but it is still not enough. They shout for compromise- he gives them compromise – they call it weakness and throw it in his face. There’s just no pleasing these people!

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