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Yes…..I’m baaaaaack!!! After a brief interlude as a cowboy, I am back and brimming with even more indignation. I honestly TRY to find other things to talk about ( and am planning a new iBlog to do just that later today,) but right now I have to break one of my own rules. I just read this article written by a Republican staffer in Washington DC, who has also “had enough.” It so clearly expresses my own view of what is going on and WHY we can’t go on hiding behind this same bleating cry of ” Why can’t they BOTH get along,” or ” They’re all as bad as each other!” NO! They are both bad, yes, but NOT as bad as each other. One side and one side ONLY has vociferously declared that they will do ANYTHING they can to make sure they win the next election and if that means sending the economy and the American people to Hell in a handbasket…so be it. The ends justify the means, right? So, despite my own ban on simply re-printing or linking 3rd. party articles….Read this and, literally, weep!


62 thoughts on “Charles Shaughnessy Blog: Read this and WEEP!

  1. I grew up having a ‘moment of silence’ in school and I believe here in Vegas they still do, although I am not sure. I am not opposed to having such. I guess it could be a fair compromise, however, I am still left with the question, “Why is it so important for the religious right to insist upon it?” If one feels it is important for their child to participate in prayer at the beginning of the school day, why do they not pray with their children before they leave for school? That is what I did. We had family prayer at home. I also taught my children that they could pray anywhere. At anytime during the school day if they felt they needed help or strength, they could say a silent prayer. Nobody needed to know they were doing it, although I taught them that they did not need to be ashamed if someone did know. I truly believe that when a group is pushing for prayer in such venues, it is to push their agenda on others. I could even live with that if it were not for the fact that these same people insist that others’ views are not pushed on them. Again I refer back to Diane’s comment of not wanting teachers to tell her children what is right and wrong. Three out of four of my children attend or have attended a private religious university. They begin each class with a prayer, so I am not opposed to prayer in schools. The difference here is that they chose to go to this university knowing full well what they were getting into. I am opposed to pushing prayer or religion on others in public gatherings. I, also, do not believe it is wrong to invite others to learn about religion or one’s beliefs, I just do not think we should cram them down people’s throats. As I stated in another comment, I know that Christians have been and will be discriminated against unjustly at times, but I also believe that we need to look at our behavior towards others. Do we treat them as badly? I believe at times we do and that we do it under the guise of defending our beliefs. I think we can defend our beliefs in a more Christ-like manner. Some will still have a problem with us. I do not doubt that, but we can still do better—me included. I used the example of prayer in school for my argument, but if one will look closely, they will see other similar issues as well.One last thought. There has been talk on this blog about Christians being the last acceptable group to discriminate against; I just bet that I could do better. Try being a Christian Democrat. I feel like an outsider wherever I find myself. It is one reason why I was never before outspoken. Because of experiences I have had in recent years, I have come out fighting. Unfortunately, I have found that my fears of being outspoken on my personal ideologies were warranted. I guess outwardly it has given me a thicker skin; I just wish that I could say inwardly it has done the same. No such luck! Disillusionment is setting in!

  2. @Jeannie" LOVED your last comment and how you are so FAIR with your beliefs. SO admire that. @Lily: sounds like a great idea, a moment of silence for all the school kids to pray or reflect. Sounds fair to all.

  3. Jeannie, I try to be as thorough as I can when I post but sometimes it does not get through clearly.If you go back to my earlier post of September 8th, you will see I made my reference to Democrats/liberals; speaking about the Democratic party (which IS mainly liberal). These are the issues they come up with – not the Republicans/conservatives. Is it fair to label Democrats as liberal and Republicans as conservative? No. But that seems to be the way it is. And the time I hear the loud voice of Republicans is when they are trying to stop some outrageous proposal of Democrats. And I know that there are Democrats who do not believe in those liberal social issues which I listed and I believe there are Republicans who are liberal on social issues. But take look at the platforms of both parties. And yes, a lot of politicians on both sides lie. And you are right about the media. You can pick and choose a station which you believe has your best interests/views in mind these days. But I do believe Fox News is much better at having both sides in a debate on any subject. Ever watch Bill O'Reilly? He gives the opposing view their time to speak and even gives them the last word. I don't ever remember seeing CNN doing anything like that. Maybe I missed it. And if Fox News and Bill O'Reilly are so bad and biased, why are their ratings so high while other news organizations can't keep up. They must be doing something right. I am not old enough to remember the days of Walter Cronkite. But I am told he gave the news without bias and that is what news anchors should do. These days, however, everyone has an opinion. As far as prayer in school, my daughter only attended Catholic school and, of course, they always had prayer. With the diversity in religions in America these days, they could just give the children a moment of silence to let them reflect on whatever – be it God or something else. Honestly, you cannot force someone to pray. It is impossible. It comes from within – it is not just words. But they should be given the opportunity. After all, the Pledge of Allegiance does mention God, does it not? But I understand Democrats want to change that too.

  4. It is interesting the differing perspectives that people have regarding political issues. Conservatives are convinced that the mainstream media has a liberal bias. It is not biasness in and of itself to which conservatives object. How can it be? They love to listen to Fox News. Why are conservatives so convinced that it is the mainstream media that is lying? We feel as strongly that it is Fox News. Please do not tell me we can trust Fox News because conservative political correspondents are righteous, God-fearing men and women. Have you ever thought how easy it would be for one to gain blind followers just by professing to be God-fearing (in fact, I would encourage each of you to watch Rick Perry very closely)? There is a term for that with which you all should be familiar. It is called ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’. Now trust me when I say that I do not believe that all conservative political correspondents are insincere in their professed religious beliefs. I know that there are those who definitely are sincere. I am equally convinced that there are also those who have their own agenda at heart. Throughout these blogs I personally have been criticized for only listening to the lies of the liberal media. Perhaps I have been lied to by the media, but I am certain beyond any doubt that the conservative media has lied to you too. What makes it worse is they profess to do it in the name of God. Although my understanding is that Rush Limbaugh does not allow religion to be discussed on his program, it greatly concerns me that conservatives have given such a man so much power. Yet, conservatives would have us believe that it is only the liberal media who promotes their own personal agenda. I find this to be laughable!Furthermore, in regards to the liberal agenda of which Lily spoke, I will admit that those items may be on the agenda of SOME liberals. They are not on the agenda of all liberals and perhaps not even the majority of liberals. Interestingly, there are conservatives who are atheists and pro-choice. Perhaps they should be sent over to the Democrat party, although it might be best to wait until after the presidential election. Their vote might just come in handy.I do have a sincere question for all of you religious conservatives. There has been something that has puzzled me for years. To give some understanding to my question, I will refer to one of Diane’s comments on the ethics’ blog. Please note that I am not criticizing her position, I truly have a sincere question. Diane spoke of not wanting her children taught by teachers at school as to what is right or wrong. I believe that most parents would agree with Diane’s position and would want to reserve that right for themselves. I, too, hold that position although I do believe that if we were to teach ethics in school we could concentrate on basic principles such as integrity, kindness, hard work, etc. Yet, throughout the years, there has been great criticism from the religious right in regards to removing prayer from school, whether it is the disallowance of prayer on a daily basis in the classroom or from special events such as graduation ceremonies. Occasionally there are also other similar types of issues that are criticized by conservatives. It seems to me that the position really being held is, “I do not want others to impose their view of right and wrong on my children, but I want to impose my beliefs on their children.” This honestly has been very puzzling to me. Can someone explain?

  5. TB50: Just because you don’t recall an instance when Congress was disrespectful toward the president doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. How do you define being disrespectful—not paying attention while he is speaking? Turning their backs toward him while he is speaking? Not clapping when he pauses while speaking? Booing and heckling him during the State of the Union Address? If it’s the latter…well, during the State of the Union address in 2004, Congressional Democrats delivered a “chorus of boos” when President George W. Bush called for a renewal of the Patriot Act. A year later, Congressional Democrats shouted “NO!” when Bush requested Social Security reform. I can’t recall a president before Bush who experienced that type of vitriol when making an address to Congress—so it’s not like Obama is experiencing something his predecessor had not (and, since Obama was in the Senate when the State of the Union address was made in 2005, he saw it firsthand). In December 2004, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada called President George W. Bush a “liar”—is that showing respect? Plus, there are enough videos of presidential addresses on YouTube to show that many Democrats did not clap while Bush spoke, while the Republicans did. Is not clapping a sign of disrespect? The last time I checked, George W. Bush wasn’t of a different race (or mixed race), so it wasn’t his ethnicity that led to these outcries and actions; it was his politics. I will admit that there are people who dislike Obama because of his race. I will not be naïve and deny that. I think Joe Wilson was out of line when he heckled Obama during the health care debate. However, there are also people who would dislike him because of his political affiliation; they never would support a Democrat, regardless of his color (just like there are Democrats who would never vote for a Republican because of their party affiliation). But the discontent that Obama is facing is nowhere near what some previous presidents have faced. As far as I can tell, Obama has not had to deal with restoring the Union after eleven states seceded like Lincoln did, nor does he have to deal with a Senate essentially telling him to go home rather than allow him to speak like Washington did. He doesn’t have to deal with Congress passing laws stripping him of presidential powers like Andrew Johnson did (and then be impeached because he persistently vetoed the unconstitutional laws). Yes, I know these examples might seem like “ancient history” because they did not occur during our lifetimes, but what Obama is experiencing unfortunately is not that unusual. It’s just become more vicious in recent years, starting with the response to Bush’s election in 2000. Regarding your question about how Congress could allow our credit rating to be lowered—if Congress had a choice, it wouldn’t have happened. This topic was discussed on a previous blog (check Charlie’s blog “Anyone for Tea?” from early August), so I’m not going to rehash what I (and others) wrote on that blog.

  6. Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I am talking about liberals and their agenda dominating the media. Is it me or everytime I turn on the news liberals are trying to do away with traditions such as taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance (and everything else for that matter). Did you not read my earlier post about abortion, condoms in schools, illegal immigrants, teaching gay lifestyle in schools? Those things are all part of the liberal agenda. Liberals are the ones taking morals out of American way of life. Those are not conservative views. The conservative voices you are hearing are those trying to hold on to the values that keep our society good, honorable and sane. When I say conservatives are a minority, it was my impression that most of the followers of Charles' blogs were liberals except for a couple of you and myself. I see now I was wrong and I'm glad! However, as I said the media is liberally biased with the exception of Fox News and Bill O'Reilly. One day Wolf Blitzer on CNN referred to pro-lifers as "the anti-choice group." Those were his words. Now, I believe Hollywood is a great example of where liberals control and conservatives are in hiding. There are most likely a lot more pro-life (I'm using pro-life as just ONE example) supporters in Hollywood but those people are afraid to speak out because their industry is so full of liberals that if they do speak up, their prospects of working are going to disappear. How sad is that when your constitutional right to freedom of speach could keep you unemployed? I also believe that some liberals sell their soles just to be on the side that will get them elected or hired or just make them more popular. That must be a terrible way to live. No integrity in that.By the way, did you hear President Obama's speach on the memorial of the 9/11 tragedy. He referred to "God" several times in his speach. My respect meter just went up a few notches for him. God Bless President Obama for that and God Bless America.

  7. I have to say this if it is wrong for awomen to have an abortion to save her life and that god should be the one to make that call then why do we do everthing to save pepole who are dieing from heart probelm's are save pepole with cancer shoudn't we just let god make that call too and haveing an abortion is not just and easy thing for a mother to do what if that mother has other children what about them why should they go with out a mother this is just a problem that is damm if you do damm if you don't there is no right are wrong check that the only thing wrong is if abortion is used for birthcontrol.

  8. @TB50: Is not the color of his skin causing this type of disrespectfulness. Is that they think he is the anti-christ sent to destroy our country. Sorry i couldn't resist the temptation. Seriously, i know there are still racists folks about and i know plenty. But i feel we have moved beyond the 60's by this point in time. I pray so! If not, ain't any wonder that we may face impending doom' Wait a sec! The anti-christ bit don't make me feel that much better. OH brother!

  9. Perhaps it is dependent upon which part of the country one lives, but my experience has been that conservatives have never had a difficult time speaking up whether in person or in the media. I also have never felt that they were in the minority. And, although there have been instances wherein I feel that Christians have been treated unfairly due only to their inability to accept certain behavior as 'right', I have found at least as often Christians being intolerant of others beliefs. Please note that I am not speaking of those behaviors that I know that as Christians we are unable to embrace, but rather I am speaking of any issue for which others disagree. It is easy to point the finger at others and feel that we are the one being persecuted, but sometimes we need to look within to see if there might be any justifiable reason that we are being so treated. I am sure Christians will continue to receive some persecution in the future that will be unwarranted, but we cannot assume, then, that it is all undeserved. I, personally, am disheartened when I hear that Christianity is the last acceptable form of discrimination. It just is not so!

  10. Lilly you are right maybe if more of the conservatives spoke up in this country maybe things could change. Would love to think that is true. Again thanks for speaking up sometimes we all feel alone when we have a different opinions than others but remember you are not alone.

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