Blog from Charles Shaughnessy as he returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Shane Donovan!

Blog from Charles Shaughnessy as he returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Shane Donovan!

Hi all! Well, I guess the Salem cat has jumped out of his bag!! Yes, it is true :  Days of Our Lives has asked Shane to return for a twelve episode arc to help in the ruination of Stefano Di Mera….for the umpteenth time!!! 

I have been back a couple of times since I first left in 1991, but this has been the most fun. It was like walking into a wormhole or time warp when I rehearsed my first scene. The old gang was there doing the same stuff and saying the same dialogue as if it were the very next day. Shane and Roman helping Bo, Hope, Marlena and John Black “bring down ” Stefano Di Mera. 

Everyone seemed happy to see me and I was giddy to see all of them. The strangest thing is that they all looked EXACTLY the same!! I know that there are miracles available through all kinds of surgery, but I could find no trace of them. Either they have some radical genius hidden away in the bowels of Burbank or they take VERY good care of themselves. It was kind of creepy actually. Each one of them must have a picture somewhere that is graying and aging in their place! 

We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fond reminiscences, although we couldn’t spend too long going down memory lane as the pace of the work is INSANE!! I always thought it was ridiculous how we taped a whole one-hour show in a day: now, they tape about a day and a half and are always “out” by 6:00 p.m. !! Today’s Soap actors have to be one hundred percent “on their game” from the minute they walk onto the set. Trust me, they earn every penny of their paycheck. You walk in, the director runs quickly through the “blocking” ( where you should move, the “action” required in the scene,) you do it once for practice and cameras and then….ACTION! you’re doing it for real. Talk about “shot out of a cannon!” All the dialogue has to be learnt before you wake up that day and, as many of them are in many days a week, they must learn it in their sleep. But…this crazy speed makes for an exciting and adrenaline-pumped ride. 

I can’t give any of the story away, but I think all you original fans are going to get a big kick out of this story. The only sad thing is that Patsy was not back. I do reference her in one line and mention that Kimberly “allowed” Shane to return for this mission as it was so important to him, but she is not there in person. Budgets are very tight and the storyline was specifically about Bo, Hope etc. and the ISA, so I guess they didn’t see any need to ask her back as well.

My episodes start airing in May and will continue for about two weeks, so set the VCR or DVR or take some time off work, ‘cos Shane is back in town!!!

Best. . . Charlie

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11 thoughts on “Blog from Charles Shaughnessy as he returns to DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Shane Donovan!

  1. So very happy to see you will be with us, all be it not long enough. Great anticipation by all of your fans. The way time is flying it will be May before we know it. Who knows maybe these 12 episodes will be a kick start to bring you and Patrica back where you belong Shane and Kim, forever.

  2. Glad to hear that you're excited about getting the opportunity to work with the "old gang." And, of course, since I still have that Soap Opera Digest subscription (even though the soaps I used to watch are now off the air), anything about you and your appearance that appears in print will be passed along to Team Charlie on Facebook.

  3. I am so excited to hear you are returning to Days! I have watched you for years and hoped you would return some day…even for just a while. So sorry that Patsy couldn't return as well, but maybe sometime in the future. I loved you as well on "The Nanny", but as far as I'm concerned, you will always be Shane Donovan. Welcome back!

  4. Love it! Love it! Love it! Made my day. I am very happy to see Shane Donovan interact with the people of Salem once again. Will miss Patsy. I am always very happy to see you act but Shane has always been at favorite and I am looking forward to watching this!

  5. I was so excited to hear that you will be back on Days. Even though it will be for a short period of time it will be great to see you on screen for awhile. Too bad Patsy couldn't come back but at least they acknowledged her so it seems that you all are happy couple off screen that we don't see. Looking forward to seeing Bo, Hope, John, Marlena and Roman working all together in your all action packed adventure. Welcome back to Days.

  6. Woops! See it now. "Kimberly allowed Shane to return". Isn't that just like us women? lol Good news now on no breakup thus far. Glad to hear of the reference. We just like to see them together. Us fans want to take over the writing. haha! Fat chance! Best Wishes back!

  7. SO EXCITED! And so happy for you and your character. Us fans love Shane almost as much as Maxwell. Okay maybe speaking for myself there but i know some fans that would agree. Can't wait to see this! Bummer about Pasty not being there with you, was so hopping you guys would get back together for good. Hope this doesn't mean that won't happen. All the same still Very excited to see the story behind it. Was just recently wondering what the next project would be. What a pleasant surprise this is! The last time Shane was on Days it was so good that I was glued to the set (and afraid to go to restroom) for worry of missing anything. Hope you have a wonderful reunion like your last time being back. PS. Started wondering why there had been no political blogging going on lately. 😉

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