Charles Shaughnessy blog "Here we go again!!!"

Ok, I know you’ve missed me… we go again!!! Its getting into THAT season again, so I figure its time to fire the first salvo.

There was an interesting book being discussed on the radio today: It’s even worse than it looks,” by Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution and Norman Ornstein of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. It is about the total breakdown of Congress as able to effect any kind of useful governance. Hardly any surprise. But here’s the interesting bit. Even though one of the author’s is a “dyed in the wool” Republican, the two of them agreed that after extensive research and analysis it was simply not valid to assign equal blame. They detailed how the established and enforced culture among congressional Republicans was simply to block ANY useful democratic legislation lest Obama should get the credit. They quoted Mitch McConnell, at the beginning of the last session saying that it was the Republicans’ DUTY to block any Democratic lawmaking lest ” Republican fingerprints lend any credibility to the President.” In other words,  we are not here to make effective legislation for the American people, nor help America through these difficult times, but to wage an all-out war against the President and the Democratic Party. ….and this is out of the mouth of a Republican. Now, they did also agree that, in the past, the Democrats have come off none too heroic. They point to the period of sustained Democrat power up to the end of the ’40s as one of apathy, carelessness and abuse, but for sheer, obstructive, negative politicking, they agree that this Republican bunch take the biscuit. They stated that to argue that Congress was broken and that BOTH parties were to blame, was both misleading, disempowering to the electorate and dangerously ill-informed.

So, people, don’t let this Right Wing tactic of ” oh, they’re all as bad as each other” fool you. It is possible to have one side do all the damage. There really was just one aggressor at Pearl Harbor, you know. This election, if only for the future of our Constitution at the hands of this activist Supreme Court, is a vital one. If you want to have our government sold to the highest, corporate bidder, as it is through Citizens United, and a return to the “hands-off” de-regulation that plunged our markets, credit and 401Ks off a cliff, then vote Republican and make Romney our President. If you want a serious effort to continue on the road to economic, social and institutional recovery, vote for a Democrat congress and for President Obama. Either way, promise me ONE THING: make sure you get fully informed on the issues this time. Don’t settle for sound bites or TV Ads. Research the facts as these two did and make your own conclusions.
Ok, now….let me have it!!!

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