The 365 Grateful Inspired, Charles Shaughnessy Gratitude Photo Contest! Only Connect!

Hey everyone!

It has been suggested that we need another photo contest.  I agree!!  The inspiration for this new contest is the wonderful 365 grateful project by Hailey Bartholomew from Brisbane Australia. Basically, to combat depression, Hailey started taking a photograph each day with a little written description about it, to visually document something she was grateful for in her life.  Hailey says “It all began back In 2008. I was feeling really down. It seems strange now to say that because I can’t think of a good reason why I should have been, but I know I felt incredibly out of sorts with life. It was like I knew in my head I had it good but I really wasn’t enjoying myself!”  Hailey’s 365 Grateful Project has become an inspiration to many, including us, with a documentary being made about the extraordinary power of gratitude. 

When we came across this 365 Grateful project online, it reminded us of a past contest that we had.  Ours was in 2003!! and was called The Official Charles Shaughnessy Website Holiday Gratitude Contest!

We love photos & we love what expressing gratitude can do for the human spirit, so we are having our own 365 Grateful Inspired Charles Shaughnessy Gratitude Photo contest!

  This is how you enter:

Take a photo, it MUST be a photo that YOU have taken, of something that you are grateful for or that fills your heart with gratitude when you see it.  You can enter ONE PHOTO per day, but you can enter every day, if you want, until we end the contest.  

Please send your entries to To be included in the contest, in the body of the email, you MUST include a SHORT (about 50 words) description about the photo and why you chose it, the date that you are submitting each photo, at least your first name and the city and/or state & country you live in, then attach a photo big enough for us to use, to your email. If you are on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, feel free to include your sign on names for those networks.  We will tag you if we can. 

The contest will go on for several months at least, and though we don’t mind if you use older photos that you already have as well, we hope you will take new photos whenever you feel the inspiration of something that makes you feel grateful, snap a photo with your phone and submit it with a little description.  It will change the way you see the world when you see it through capturing the things with a camera, that make you feel grateful.  

Will there be prizes from us?  Of course!   But remember . . . you do NOT have to accept a prize!   We want you to do this because it makes you feel good to think about the things you are grateful for each day and take a photo of them.  That’s the real prize!  If one of your photos is chosen as a winner, you will be contacted by email & can decide then.  We will need a full name and address at that time to send the prize to.

The photos will be showcased on my Official Charles Shaughnessy Fan Page on Facebook, each day in it’s own album.  If you want to see the photos so far, be sure to LIKE my page first then go to this Gratitude Photos on Facebook Link to see all of the photos that have been submitted so far. 

***Please Note & understand that by entering the 365 Grateful Inspired Charles Shaughnessy Photo Gratitude contest, you still retain the copyright & ownership of your own photos, but you are giving Charles Shaughnessy & Shaughnessy Productions the right to reproduce them online in association with this contest. Send your entries to

I am very excited to be presenting this contest & opportunity for you to capture & write about the things in your life that you are grateful for.  I hope you enjoy this challenge & that it fills your hearts by participating in it. Have a great time snapping photos! By the way, what I am most grateful for is in the photo at the top of this page.  My family.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

—  Johannes “Meister” Eckhart

Remember my friends . . . Only Connect! all my best, Charlie


7 thoughts on “The 365 Grateful Inspired, Charles Shaughnessy Gratitude Photo Contest! Only Connect!

  1. Mr. Shaugnessy, I have to say… This blog subject has been, and still is, very delightful. Each day, as I check to see what is new, it has been so much fun! I've imagined this as if it's an Advent calendar with a nice surprise behind each little door. The bonus.. I get to open more than one a day! I never know what I'm going to see or learn about. This is such a positive thing for participants and onlookers. I apologize if I have been a blog hog in the contest (forgive me, I haven't been able to help it). I suppose this is a subject that I can relate to: (picture taking and being grateful for what I have) and I'm very excited to be a part of it.. I'm still new at social networking, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and wonder if I should have even joined the masses. I'm glad I know of your site, it is a pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you…. nr

  2. This photo contest is a really great idea,and I probably made a fool of myself sending in my first photo 🙂 (I just had to enter anyway…)I also love that we will be able to read a little bit about every picture. Thank you for doing this Mr. Shaughnessy,looking forward to see lots of photos.Janne

  3. First of all, i would like to thank you for making a new subject. I am sure that everybody will love it.what a great idea to make another photo contest, I find very interesting to read people's thoughts about things,events….. Personnally it helps me to see things differently from what they really are. Please let me tell you that is a great picture up here. You've made such a nice family.Thanks again for sharing your picture with us

  4. Wow! Just read about the last time winner from 2003 and that was a great story about her family. Her way of (giving back) with her volunteer time for a great charity like habitat for humanity was very sweet. It does feel great to help others and we do ALL have many things to be grateful (especially in country like here in US). Never to be reminded now and again. Easy to focus on all the things we don't seem to have or want. Count our many blessings and our friends…

  5. I'm so very excited about this!.. Thank you Mr. Shaughnessy, for this fun opportunity, and also Thank you to Hailey Bartholomew! (What lovely inspiration.) I've gone to the '365 Grateful' website and was a bit overwhelmed with emotion. I love to take pictures AND also to look at them. Pictures tell so much about people, what they are like, and what interests them. I can't wait to see what people post.. n

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